2nd May - Today's News: Record Rainfall Brings Floods, Mudslides & Sinkholes to Eastern US

After record high summer temperatures, Adelaide experiences coldest start to May ever

Not an April (or even May Day) fool, smart umbrellas 'could collect rain data' - still wouldn't catch me using one of those ridiculous lethal things!

More research published on how prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' hit by 5m tsunami after the Storegga Slide ~8.2ka

Met Office's Laki volcano impacts study due soon - showing what could happen if there's a repeat of 1783 Icelandic eruption

And an unusual, and quite impressive, aurora picture from Tasmania as Sun's celestrial show was udderly fanatastic


  1. The Baltimore event wasn't a sinkhole, but a retaining wall collapse in a railway cutting:




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