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28th February - Today's News: Record Warm Weather Continues in Perth

Weather records smashed as Perth continues to suffer in the heat while up in the Northern Territories, flooding drama hits cyclone Yasi victims

In San Francisco, Bay area in clear after snow dusts hills

With the official toll now at 148 but around 50 still missing, New Zealand buries earthquake victims

Canada's role grows amid looming water shortages in some places, more flooding in others

Drier conditions projected to accelerate dust storms in the Southwest USA

And finally, I decided to engage Piers Corbyn in a discussion - the results of which can be seen here. I don't think I need say more!

26th February - Today's News: First Snow in 35 Years for San Francisco

Snow falls on San Francisco after a 35 year wait. Just.

In parts of Michigan, February is the second snowiest recorded - in parts of Britain, it's the least snowiest recorded!

Christchurch earthquake: Mayor Parker praises rescurers but there seems little hope of finding any more survivors.

A curious incident as large crack opens in the earth in southern Peru - unfortunately not enough detail to determine a probable cause.

Indonesian mud volcano flow 'to last 26 years'

Brazil judge blocks Amazon Belo Monte dam over environmental concerns. But I daresay it's only a temporary reprieve.

4 Amish children killed when buggy flips over in flooded Kentucky creek

Thousands left homeless as rains cause floods in Bolivia

Meteosat £2.9bn weather satellite approved

More information about the PETM comes to light as scientists study Arctic environment during an ancient bout of natural global warming.

Real Climate faces libel suite - but I can't see Gavin shaking in his boots! Though th…

25th February - Today's News: No More Survivors As Quake Toll Reaches 113, More Missing

23rd February - Today's News: 100 Feared Dead in Collapsed Canterbury TV Building

22nd February - Today's News: Deadly Earthquake Strikes C hristchurch, NZ

21st February - Today's News: New Assessment of Black Carbon & Ozone on Climate Change

New assessment of black carbon and tropospheric ozone's role in climate change - and more importantly how we can readily and quickly curb their effects. Significantly:
Full implementation of these measures would reduce future global warming by 0.5 degrees C (within a likely range of 0.2-0.7 degrees C). If the measures are implemented by 2030, this could halve the potential increase in global temperature which is projected for 2050. The rate of regional temperature increase would also be reduced.Which might give us time to implement longer term, more costly, CO2 emission reductions.

Severe storms sweep southern Queensland while in WA, mini tornado hits as Cyclone Carlos looms.

Tibetans assured of ample supplies after snowstorm

The Scottish 'gold rush' for hydro power - well it's better than windfarms!

US scientists predict prolonged drought as Indian Ocean warms up

The moment Britain became an island

And finally, as far as plan to bring UK clocks forward goes, this is non sto…

19th February - Today's News: Cyclone Carlos to Reform Over W.A.

Cyclone Carlos to reform over flooded WA

February continues to head towards being the warmest in my records, although there has been snow for the first time this month in some parts of England: mainly the eastern half of the Pennines.

In Washington they've had record breaking weather, whether in coolness or warmth and many other places in N America have been setting date records for high temperatures this week. Although in Finland, now new low inches down to -41.3c Incidently, I note that Finnish Railway ..... have warned travellers to wrap up warm in case of delays and breakdowns. But I thought that only happened in Britain?!

Mudslide warning issued for volcano in Japan

More than 60 small to moderate earthquakes strike Arkansas and are widely felt

Space weather disrupts communications, threatens other technologies

Catching space weather in the act

Frequent, severe fires turn Alaskan forests into a carbon production line - and they also mean more soot settling in Arctic regions.


18th February - Today's News: Victoria's Record Wet Summer

More wet weather as Victoria's summer obliterates rainfall record and in the Northern Territories, tropical cyclone eases, residents assess damage. But some good news in WA as, although there's been widespread evacuations as cyclone, floods ravish state's north, Dianne is now moving away and cyclone warning cancelled in WA northwest.

Weather experts predict major flooding in Midwest this spring

Are greenhouse gases upping the risks of flooding too? That seems to be the conclusion of a study into the 2000 floods in England - whilst the weather is the same, the amount of precipitable moisture increases. However, it's also worth taking Roger Pielke Sr's comments on the paper into consideration. Could other human factors have also contributed?

Whilst 2011 is now setting records for the lack of snowfall in much of England, I hadn't realised that Europe had also been suffering an unusual lack of snow. But finally snow falls in the Alps.

The sun wakes up as solar …

16th February - Today's News: Australia Hit by Cyclone Carlos

Australia gets hit again as cyclone Carlos batters Darwin and Top End - with record rainfalls in some places.

Six hurt as record snow buries South Korean market

In Finland, this winter's lowest temperature record broken - again. And in Lapland, they've now had 100 days of sub-zero temperatures. Some way to go to beat the all time lowest temp of -51.5c though.

In Britain, signs of spring delayed by freeze - though ironically it's been a mild February so far and may end one of the warmest on record, at least for some parts of the country. First daffodils close to coming into bloom in my garden - though I can't say how much earlier than usual this is as they're ones I only planted last autumn. I did say we'd have an early spring and, notwithstanding the delay in growth caused by December's cold weather, it looks like I'm likely to be right. Round these parts, anyway. And also looks very likely now we'll go from 22nd December to the end of February…

14th February - Today's News: Record Snowfall in S Korea

South Korea chaos after 'heaviest' snowfall since records began in 1911. January was also the coldest on record. More snow is expected today.

Devastated Victorians beg for rain to stop and for elsewhere there's more rain to come, but la Nina to loosen its grip - predictions are that it has now peaked and we should see a shift to more neutral conditions through the next few months.

But in contrast, for China, first snowfall brings hope of rain.

Cyclone set to hit Madagascar - Bingiza will be the first to make landfall there this season.

And computer models predict that another cyclone threatens NZ

Airborne sensor to study 'river in the sky'

After studying seismic data, scientist discover that deep interior of moon resembles Earth's core - so it's not hollow after all ....

And OMG! NASA killed a sundog! But the SDO sundog mystery resulted in the discovery of a new type of ice halo.

11th February - Today's News: Record Cold in Oklahoma

Whilst there's still no sign of any particularly cold, let alone snowy (at lower levels) weather this year for Britain - we could in fact go right through January and February with most of England not seeing any snow settle at all, which would be quite remarkable even compared to recent winter - it remains decidedly wintry in the US where as another winter storm sweeps across South there's been record low temperatures in Oklahoma - down to -38f. Colder than the South Pole. But according to forecasts, there could be a 100 degree temperature rise in one week in Oklahoma(being America, that's obviously degrees fahrenheit).

Cork plane crash: 'Worst fog' onlookers could ever remember at airport looks to have been a major contributory cause of the tragic accident which claimed 6 lives on Thursday.

In Australia, Victoria cops another drenching

Snowfall brings small respite to drought stricken parts of China

Weather extremes are growing trend in Northern Australia, corals s…

9th February - Today's News: Food Concerns Over Ongoing China Drought

China suffers worst drought in 60 years - so much for cloud seeding then! And UN Food agency issues warning on China drought with a big wheat sortage expected.

In Australia, the Blue mountains swelter in record heatwave

At a conference in NZ, extreme weather experts discuss recent events that have afflicted Australia. Or rather they won't since according to the news report: "The extreme weather experts will not be discussing the latest weather events at the conference but will look at patterns from a few years ago to help determine what will happen in the future."

Warm February may be sign of hot year ahead for India

Apparently polar bears having fewer cubs due to global warming - though yet again no explanation as to how the bears survived the warmer mid Holocene. Meanwhile, record low Arctic ice reported in January. Not surprising with a negative AO. You can see the full NSIDC Report here.

The NOAA report for January shows that it was the coldest in the US since 1994,…

7th February - Today's News: More Bush Fires on Black Saturday Anniversary

Today's the 2nd anniversary of one of the darkest days in Australian history as solemn services mark Black Saturday anniversary. Sadly, as seen on the TV coverage of the final ODI, fresh bushfires rage out of control near Perth, though thankfully as yet no deaths reported.

This weekend saw "the day Sydney melted" as mercury hits near record 42c but finally, some relief after hottest night in history. Meanwhile And temperatures soar in Timaru on one of the hottest days ever recorded in NZ. And in California, warm weather temps 'shatter, obliterate' records across Bay area.

Although dry in Evesham (only 0.5mm of rain so far this month) it was very breezy, with some of the strongest winds this morning. Much wetter - and windier - elsewhere as flooding and high winds cause weather chaos on Merseyside while in Yorkshire, crews rescue motorists following rain and gales and floods claim victim as driver is swept away in Wales. In Ireland, two killed on roads as win…

5th February - Today's News: Record Cold For Parts of Mexico

4th February - Today's News: First Severe Gales of the Year Hit Britain

Rather breezy here overnight, with gales forecast to be stronger down here tonight, but winds easing a tad in Scotland where yesterday a 131mph gust was recorded up on Aonach Mor (according to Peter Gibbs) and 106.9mph near sea level on Scalpay in the Outer Hebrides as Hurricane force winds of up to 130mph batter northern Britain.

In Australia, Tully Heads residents return home after cyclone Yasi wreaked havoc and Queensland rescuers fight through cyclone Yasi debris. Sadly one man dies trying to restore power after cyclone Yasi, as towns face weeks without electricity. And the latest news is that a couple are missing after their yacht, in which rather bizarrely they were sitting out the storm, sank in Port Hinchinbrook harbour. And NZ stormchaser looks into cyclone's heart. Meanwhile, flood warnings issued as cyclones Yasi and Anthony cause heavy rain over Victoria and western Sydney endures hottest February night.

US and Canada dig out from deadly snow storm while Texas shi…

3rd February - Today's News: Yasi Makes Landfall as Cat 5 Storm

So far, the news from Australia is relatively good after Cyclone Yasi crosses coast in North's darkest hour. There are fears for Caldwell residents after destruction wrought by Cyclone Yasi but 1 of 2 missing men has been found alive and well. Hundreds of miles inland, Yasi runs out of steam but Isa braced - Mt Isa was home to my brother and his family for many years, they're probably glad they're now in Brisbane! And out towards the coast, Queensland starts cyclone clean-up.

And in the other big story this week, storm blankets half of US in snow as bitter cold, power outages follow in wake of massive storm but in Canada, much of massive storm misses southern Ontaria.

And here in Britain there's a warning over winds of 90mph for parts of Scotland with gales affecting many other parts, together with heavy rain and, in the Highlands, snow - a pretty unsettled few days coming up.

2nd February - Today's News: Massive Winter Storm Hits N America

The weather news this week is going to be dominated by 2 big storms on opposite sides of the planet:-

In Australia, Queenslanders braced for 'catastrophic' cyclone as Yasi already causing damage in Innisfail - landfall is expected later today. Monster cyclone Yasi eyes Australia in NASA image.

And in America, as US prepares for growing winter storm, in Chicago a blizzard traps drivers and Lake Shore Drive rescue drama continues in early am with 'dangerous' winter storm hittin Ont., Canada as well. NASA satellites capture data on monster winter storm affecting 30 states.

And we're not entirley missing out on things here in Britain either as the first Atlantic storm of the years means winds of up to 90mph to hit Scotland.

In the Malaysian floods, another body found, death toll at 5

30 cars crash as rain turns to ice in North Lincs

With Malaysia destroying its forests three times faster than all Asia combined, Can palm oil plantations be good news? Only if we insist on…