19th February - Today's News: Cyclone Carlos to Reform Over W.A.

Cyclone Carlos to reform over flooded WA

February continues to head towards being the warmest in my records, although there has been snow for the first time this month in some parts of England: mainly the eastern half of the Pennines.

In Washington they've had record breaking weather, whether in coolness or warmth and many other places in N America have been setting date records for high temperatures this week. Although in Finland, now new low inches down to -41.3c Incidently, I note that Finnish Railway ..... have warned travellers to wrap up warm in case of delays and breakdowns. But I thought that only happened in Britain?!

Mudslide warning issued for volcano in Japan

More than 60 small to moderate earthquakes strike Arkansas and are widely felt

Space weather disrupts communications, threatens other technologies

Catching space weather in the act

Frequent, severe fires turn Alaskan forests into a carbon production line - and they also mean more soot settling in Arctic regions.

Storm chasing radar used to track bat populations

Tropical forests 're-shaped' by climate change


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