7th February - Today's News: More Bush Fires on Black Saturday Anniversary

Today's the 2nd anniversary of one of the darkest days in Australian history as solemn services mark Black Saturday anniversary. Sadly, as seen on the TV coverage of the final ODI, fresh bushfires rage out of control near Perth, though thankfully as yet no deaths reported.

This weekend saw "the day Sydney melted" as mercury hits near record 42c but finally, some relief after hottest night in history. Meanwhile And temperatures soar in Timaru on one of the hottest days ever recorded in NZ. And in California, warm weather temps 'shatter, obliterate' records across Bay area.

Although dry in Evesham (only 0.5mm of rain so far this month) it was very breezy, with some of the strongest winds this morning. Much wetter - and windier - elsewhere as flooding and high winds cause weather chaos on Merseyside while in Yorkshire, crews rescue motorists following rain and gales and floods claim victim as driver is swept away in Wales. In Ireland, two killed on roads as wind and rain make driving perilous whilst areas of Northern Ireland hit by flooding and snow.

Back in Australia, it's not just heat and fire, as flood clean-up beings in Gippsland.

Well here's a surprise: Earth warming unevenly

And finally, on a different note, sad to report the death of Gary Moore, one of the greatest rock and blues guitarists of all time. He wrote this about his great friend, Phil Lynott, but it works as well as his own elegy:
When I hear that wind blow,
all across the Wicklow mountains.
Is it you I hear a calling?
Johnny boy, oh Johnny boy.

When I look to the west,
out across the River Shannon.
I can still see you smiling.
Johnny boy, oh Johnny boy.

When the leaves have turned to brown
and winter's due.
As I watch the sun go down,
I'll think of you.

When I hear that wind blow,
all across the Wicklow mountains.
Sure it's you, I'll hear a calling.
Johnny boy, oh Johnny boy.
Fly now, free.


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