2nd February - Today's News: Massive Winter Storm Hits N America

The weather news this week is going to be dominated by 2 big storms on opposite sides of the planet:-

In Australia, Queenslanders braced for 'catastrophic' cyclone as Yasi already causing damage in Innisfail - landfall is expected later today. Monster cyclone Yasi eyes Australia in NASA image.

And in America, as US prepares for growing winter storm, in Chicago a blizzard traps drivers and Lake Shore Drive rescue drama continues in early am with 'dangerous' winter storm hittin Ont., Canada as well. NASA satellites capture data on monster winter storm affecting 30 states.

And we're not entirley missing out on things here in Britain either as the first Atlantic storm of the years means winds of up to 90mph to hit Scotland.

In the Malaysian floods, another body found, death toll at 5

30 cars crash as rain turns to ice in North Lincs

With Malaysia destroying its forests three times faster than all Asia combined, Can palm oil plantations be good news? Only if we insist on only buying pfrom sustainable planations - which currently represents less than 8% of global production.

Flights delayed as Japan volcano erupts again

Though only mag 4.8, Yunnan quake affects 80,600 people


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