21st February - Today's News: New Assessment of Black Carbon & Ozone on Climate Change

New assessment of black carbon and tropospheric ozone's role in climate change - and more importantly how we can readily and quickly curb their effects. Significantly:
Full implementation of these measures would reduce future global warming by 0.5 degrees C (within a likely range of 0.2-0.7 degrees C). If the measures are implemented by 2030, this could halve the potential increase in global temperature which is projected for 2050. The rate of regional temperature increase would also be reduced.
Which might give us time to implement longer term, more costly, CO2 emission reductions.

Severe storms sweep southern Queensland while in WA, mini tornado hits as Cyclone Carlos looms.

Tibetans assured of ample supplies after snowstorm

The Scottish 'gold rush' for hydro power - well it's better than windfarms!

US scientists predict prolonged drought as Indian Ocean warms up

The moment Britain became an island

And finally, as far as plan to bring UK clocks forward goes, this is non story. As we already knew, Parliament have agreed to have a study conducted to see whether such a move would benefit everyone. Apart from sellers of sleeping pills, I can't see how it benefits anyone. But there you go. I would like to hope the study will find rather a few flaws in the idea and lead to the whole daft nonsense being dropped once and for all. Unfortunately, I'm not certain this will happen as I'm not certain there are more than 3 people in Britain with half the intelligence of a small copper coin buried under 2 foot of dirt. Sadly, logic is unlikely to prevail. Though money probably will. So really it's a matter of who has most to gain/lose financially from such a move. Personally, I say if you want longer summer evenings then move to Ireland.


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