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30th June - Today's News: Fish Rescued and More Wildfires in UK Heatwave

29th June - Today's News: Record High Minima in Oman: 42.6c

Unusually, so far in this heatwave, it's not been too humid, there's been a pleasant breeze, and night-time temps have dropped off nicely.   But spare a thought for the residents of Quriyat where there was a minimum temperature of 42.6 °C (108.7 °F) in Oman on June 26, 2018: a new world record
No National records beaten in the end here yesterday, but it was 33c in Porthmadog, 31.9c at Shannon Airport (the highest temperature in Eire since 1976) and 31.8c in Glasgow and the first time home nations hit 30C in five years whilst Met Éireann's Joanna Donnelly says Ireland's heading for record-breaking temperature today
Meanwhile the heatwave forces UK farmers into desperate measures to save cattle with a warning not to take baths or use hosepipes as water supplies dry up in heatwave - though of course this is due to the lack of recent rain rather than current heat.
There's a second moorland blaze in Winter Hill as crews to tackle Saddleworth Moor wildfire 'for w…

28th June - Today's News: Record Temperatures Predicted in Scotland

27th June - Today's News: Saddleworth Moor Wildfire Declared 'Major Incident' Whilst Drought Looms in Ireland

Burning since the weekend, Saddleworth Moor fire: Homes evacuated in 'major incident'
Temperatures reached 30.3c in my garden yesterday, with Northern Ireland the hottest place (30.7c at Rostherne).  Eire was also a tad warm and today Met Éireann could issue red weather warning as inland areas soar to 32C.  Like Britain, it's also been very dry in Ireland and 'Even if it rains now, it's too late for some crops' - Farmers struggle in the heat as 'crop yields down by half' whilst in Northern Ireland the public urged to conserve water.   And in some parts the heatwave could bring council road gritters out
Worth noting that whilst we saw higher temperatures June last year, and indeed, do so most summers, a week or longer of temperatures around 30c is far less common.  
Meanwhile, in the US, a wildfire grows in California, at least 1,500 people under mandatory evacuation orders
But not everywhere is warm. 'Never seen it this late in June’: summer snow…

26th June - Today's News: Heatwave Hits Britain

Heatwave causes railway slowdown and wildfires - and it will get even hotter until weekend - over 29c here yesterday and expecting 30c+ today.   But worth noting we reached over 31c June last year.   So it's not that unusual.   Though more unusually, the long term outlook is for mostly fine, warm weather, at least in the south.  The lack of rain this month is, however, a more notable issue.
Devon dust devil whips up Sticklepath hay field
Teen Boy Scout killed after tree falls on tent during storm in Georgia
In Siberia, an epic storm lashes Barnaul, with crane crashing on to city’s main wedding palace
Vietnam's flood death toll rises to 15, more rains forecast whilst in India there are four dead as torrential monsoon rains lash Mumbai
The dramatic moment fearless firefighters swim through raging floodwaters to save a trapped couple in China
Dominican Republic hit by an 'easterly wave'
And a new study explains Antarctica's coldest temperatures

23rd JUne - Today's News: Mapping Highland Wildfires

21st June - Today's News: Mars Encompassed by Planet-wide Dust Storm

Martian dust storm grows global: Curiosity captures photos of thickening haze
A flash flood emergency in parts of coastal Texas from over a foot of rain
Here, it's been a warm and dry June so far and some parts of Britain look set to record their driest June on record.   I have recorded just 4.1mm this month - 8% of average - with no more rain forecast until at least July ....  And unlike some parts, we didn't have a wet winter or spring.  And drought haunts farmers in Poland, Baltic states too
Arnhem Land beaches reaching crisis point as Indonesian waste floats ashore
And a warning that New Zealand’s Mount Taranaki ‘almost certain’ to erupt ..... one day .....

20th June - Today's News: Deadly Floods Hit Ivory Coast

18th June - Today's News: Deadly Earthquake Strikes Japan

16th June - Today's News: Sea Creatures Rains Down on China

15th June - Today's News: Lebanese Flash Floods

Lebanon scrambles to cope with Baalbek floods that left one dead this week
Roads blocked and scaffolding collapsed as Storm Hector batters North Wales and lots of pictures from across the UK in the Daily Mails as Storm Hector batters Britain with 70mph winds
Delhi residents choke as dust blankets capital and India facing the 'worst water crisis in its history' - mainly due to lack of infrastructure and growing demand in the world's second most populated country.  Changes in monsoon rainfall, and diminishing glaciers will not help matters.
How ocean waves following sea ice loss trigger Antarctic ice shelf collapse
And NASA’s Opportunity rover is fighting for its life in a Martian dust storm

14th June - Today's News: Storm hector Hits Northern Britain & Ireland

After a long spell of mostly benign weather, northern parts of Britain and Ireland hit by strongs winds (and even some rain!) with travel disruption as Storm Hector sweeps across Scotland whilst in Ireland 35,000 homes remain without power after 'severe and potentially damaging gusts' and more travel disruption as Storm Hector leaves debris trail in Northern Ireland
At least 14 killed as landslides sweep away Rohingya shelters in Bangladesh
In SW India, 3 children among 5 killed as rain wreaks havoc in Kerala; death toll rises to 28
Gemstones are reportedly raining down from the sky right now in Hawaii - unfortunately not emeralds or diamonds though, just olivine.  And the reports have not been officially confirmed by geologists.
Antarctica loses three trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years
And to forecast winter rainfall in the Southwest, look to New Zealand in the summer (that's the SW USA)

12th June - Today's News: Notable Lack of US Tornadoes

11th June - Today's News: Thunderstorms Cause Travel Disruption in Scotland

9th June - Today's News: 1st Hurricane of Season Forms in Pacific

8th June - Today's News: USA Has Warmest Recorded May

6th June - Today's News: Nearly 200 Still Missing After Guatemala Eruption

Guatemala volcano: Almost 200 missing and 75 dead.   Meanwhile, in Hawaii, lava from Kilauea eruption destroys hundreds of homes
Southern California clouds are vanishing, but why?
Ancient Greenland was much warmer than previously thought - during both the last interglacial and the more recent Holocene climatic optimum (the peak of the current interglacial, prior to modern warming)
And alien apocalypse: Can any civilization make it through climate change? Well, I suspect we'll make it through.  So ....

5th June - Today's News: Toll Rises to 69 After Guatemala Volcano Eruption

4th June - Today's News: Storm Alberto Kills at Least 6 in US, 7 in Cuba

Back after a week of stunning weather in the Cairngorms ...... 
Whilst I was away, enjoying the sun, a man in 80s dies in Walsall as flash floods hit Midlands, and more flash-flooding brings parts of London and Kent to standstill
Subtropical Storm Alberto makes landfall in Florida; 2 journalists killed in North Carolina whilst a North Carolina landslide kills two; two dead in Virginia flooding and there's another seven killed in storm Alberto flooding in Cuba
Guatemala volcano eruption kills at least 25, lava flows hamper rescue efforts
Thunderstorms trigger flooding in Yemen
There's some relief in sight from Hong Kong's heat
India thunderstorms and lightning strikes kill 50
Controversially it's announced that May 2018 hottest since records began in UK - but only for the mean maximum temperature, and records only began in the 20th century.   It wasn't the warmest in the much longer CET series.    But very warm and sunny - and mostly dry, until the last week - nonethel…