8th June - Today's News: USA Has Warmest Recorded May

It's not just the British Isles and Europe (and China) that have been enjoying heat wave conditions of late.  The U.S. just had its warmest May in history, blowing past 1934 Dust Bowl record

A powerful EF3 tornado near Laramie, Wyoming, wows storm chasers

U.S. coastal flooding breaks records as sea level rises, NOAA report shows - the frequency of such events has doubled in the past 30 years and last year was the worst yet.

Hawaii volcano eruption destroys 600 homes, but creates more than a kilometre of new land - not that that the latter will be suitable for building on just yet! 

Cold snap as winter hits southern half of WA with a vengeance - Perth has it's coldest day for 9 years

And why weather apps can’t be trusted - though the better ones (like MetO) are useful for monitoring trends in model output.


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