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29th April - Today's News: Deadly Landslides in Afghanistan and Brazil

More landslide fears after Nepal quakes - the death toll has now exceeded 5,000
Unrelated to the earthquake, Afghan landslide buries remote village, killing 52

And another deadly landslide hits Salvador in north-east Brazil
When a day's rain causes panic in Srinagar
Court orders UK to cut pollution - though of course it is often pollution drifting over from Europe that has the most noticeable effects
Salty aquifer, previously unknown microbial habitat discovered under Antartica
Partially logged rainforests could be emitting more carbon than previously thought

A good piece on why do global temperatures differ? Rightly pointing out that it is the similarities, not the differences, between the different datasets that matter.

And thanks to the recent colder weather, Glencoe Mountain ski resort 'has best powder snow on planet' at the moment.  If you like that sort of thing (it's a nightmare to walk in!)

28th April - Today's News: Massive Deforestation Predicted by WWF

27th April - Today's News: Thousands Dead in Nepal Earthquake

25th April - Today's News: Sydney Buildings Collapse in Hail Storm

Just as they clear up after the "cyclone" earlier this week, Sydney smashed by fierce hailstorm and flash flooding with two factory roofs collapsing under the weight of the hail
Strong earthquake rocks Nepal, damages Kathmandu - likely to be many death once reports come in, especially from mountain villages.  And avalanche was also reported on Everest.
Now 55 dead, over 80 injured in Bihar storm-hit Bihar
Storm leaves trail of damage across north Texas
Chile volcano Calbuco causes flight problems

And scientists see deeper Yellowstone magma

24th April - Today's News: Spectacular Volcanic Eruption in Chile

Spectacular volcanic eruption in Chile cakes towns 18 miles away in eerie dust and produces some incredible photographs
As the clean-up continues in NSW, Sydney weather: facts and figures about the storm - and it is possible that NSW storms are a sign of things to come, climate scientist warns

Winter makes an annoying comeback with late April snow in many US states - and here in Britain we will see some over the higher hills, and perhaps even to low ground in the far north, over the next few days.  Though that is as unusual as a Scotsman eating a haggis.

Rare Hawaii tornado touches down in Kapolei
'Severe' 6.2 earthquake hits near South Island's Arnaud
A new insight on ground shaking from human-made earthquakes - fracking may not be the main cause.
Thawing permafrost feeds climate change

High mountains warming faster than expected
A study shows that hiatus in global average temperatures has little effect on projected temperatures in 2100 - in simple terms, the models may show a…

22nd April - Today's News: "Storm of the Century" Continues in NSW

21st April - Today's News: Three Dead as Severe "Cyclonic" Storm Hits Sydney, NSW

20th April - Today's News: March Globally Warmest on Record

World has just had hottest March since 1880 (when records began, before anyone asks why it was hotter back then!) - and with it also the warmest first quarter on record, there is every chance 2015 could prove the warmest year on record.  Full NOAA report here.
Hundreds evacuated after California wildfire quickly spreads
In New Brunswick, Perth-Andover under evacuation order due to flooding risk following ice jams
Smoke from Siberian fires causes drmatic sunsets in North America
Video footage as a slow moving landslide swallows Russian road
'3D Cryrosat' tracks Arctic winter sea ice
And a warning over aerosol climate fix

17th April - Today's News: Worst Sand Storm in Decade Hits Beijing

15th April - Today's News: Fresh Wildfires Threaten Siberian City

New wildfires in Siberia - and parts of China too - with a frantic battle to stop wildfires engulfing suburbs of Chita city

Dust storm slams Salt Lake City; One dead, several injured along I-80
And here, with no winter to speak of, summer has crept up on us unawares as Britain chills in the spring heatwave (and Paul Knightley gets a feature) whilst I predict we could be set for a notable warm and sunny year (but watch out for early snow in the autumn!).   And whilst the north has missed the high temperatures and sunshine so far, they are in for a cracking weekend.

14th April - Today's News: Early Snowfall in NZ

13th April - Today's News: 15 Dead in Siberian Wildfires

Death toll rises to 15 in Khakassia fires as republic mourns
Rare hail storm hits Tel Aviv
We can expect more warm weather this week - but what's in store for Summer?  No-one knows.  And especially not the media idiots spouting the usual misleading codswallop.  But why let facts get in the way of a sensational lie?
And also making rather a fool of himself, UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill: Climate change not man made - asserting that "A volcano eruption will produce more CO2 than man has ever been able to produce in the short time since the industrial revolution".  Which is a bit like claiming the Earth is flat and flies through space atop four elephants and a turtle ...,.  The truth is that annual anthropogenic emissions are at least 80 times greater than that emitted by every volcano on the planet - and probably a great deal more.

11th April - Today's News: Deadly Illinois Tornado was EF4

10th April - Today's News: Tornadoes Hit Illinois

8th April - Today's News: Drought Leads to Water Rationing in Taiwan

7th April - Today's News: Record April Cold in Maine

Northern Maine breaks April records with below-zero temperatures
Bangladesh storm kills 41, injures hundreds, whilst there have been 30 farmers dead in 4 days as rain, hail hit northern India and a 2-day Gulf dust storm makes Mumbai India's most polluted city
I'll admit Easter was warmer and sunnier than I expected, though still not quite Piers Corbyn's "hottest ever" and there were nudists and cloud inversions to be seen whilst we bask in Easter heatwave as temperatures hit 21c in the East Highlands, and 19.5c in Pershore
Western Canada to lose 70 percent of glaciers by 2100

And a warning (to anyone in the US) don't fall for weather hoaxes and hype as we head into tornado season

4th April - Today's News: Typhoon Maysak Approaches Philippines

24,000 evacuated in Philippines as Typhoon Maysak approaches - but the storm is weakening all the time
Storms bring floods and tornadoes to Missouri, Kentucky
Whilst it remained cold in NE USA, many western cities has hottest March on record
Hurricane rain slows storms up to 30%
Map shows entire year of lightning strikes on Earth - with central Africa clearly the place to be, and Evesham just slightly better than the Arctic ...
Scientists witness spectacular floods into the Red Sea
An interesting story, but a misleading headline: weather reports could soon be read by robots - in fact, the research is into weather reports being written by computer:  at present they generate many of the internet algorithmic forcasts showing symbols and figures, but the written forecasts themselves are produced by humans (and therefore, in my opinion, the only ones worth looking at).   An actual written forecast produced by a computer would not be an improvement, because it is the human input, based on exp…

3rd April - Today's News: California Drought: Water Restrictions Imposed

California Govenor orders first ever water restrictions as the drought worsens
Typhoon Maysak: Space Station captures spectacular images over the Pacific
Major dust storm hits Middle East
Cameroon fishing industry and tourism battered by extreme weather
Mediterranean Sea 'sccumulating zone of plastic debris'
Northern fires cause almost a quarter of global forest loss, study shows whilst globally, deforestation is messing with our weather and our food - as I have always said, it should be the first (and is the easiest) human contribution to climate change for us to tackle.
And finally, yet another case of tabloid media spreading lies as Fiona Simpson - supposedly a reporter, but obviously not one interested in reporting facts - claims in 'New Shopper' that "Originally the Met Office forecast a heatwave and then put us on tornado alert".   The Met Office did neither ....  The heatwave forecast came from Piers Corbyn, via Nathan Rao in the Daily Express, and the Met…

1st April - Today's News: Nine Dead as Storms Sweep Northern Europe