4th April - Today's News: Typhoon Maysak Approaches Philippines

24,000 evacuated in Philippines as Typhoon Maysak approaches - but the storm is weakening all the time

Whilst it remained cold in NE USA, many western cities has hottest March on record

Map shows entire year of lightning strikes on Earth - with central Africa clearly the place to be, and Evesham just slightly better than the Arctic ...

An interesting story, but a misleading headline: weather reports could soon be read by robots - in fact, the research is into weather reports being written by computer:  at present they generate many of the internet algorithmic forcasts showing symbols and figures, but the written forecasts themselves are produced by humans (and therefore, in my opinion, the only ones worth looking at).   An actual written forecast produced by a computer would not be an improvement, because it is the human input, based on experience, that results in the latter being more reliable.


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