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30th September - Today's News: Record Temperatures in Zimbabwe

28th September 2013 - IPCC AR5 WG1 Summary Released

Plenty of media reports on the release of the Working Group 1 Summary for Policeymakers, so here's a round-up of stories from some of the usual suspects:

Science Daily: Human influence on climate clear, IPCC report says
The BBC give us: UN Climate Report: key findings - btw I am disappointed there is little emphasis on precipitation pattern change, which IMO has a far more reaching impact on humans than temperature changes alone.

From the Daily Mail: it's not as bad as we thought - but global warming is still as disaster, warn UN experts

Climate change report: extreme weather to become more common says the Daily Telegraph, which also runs a story on a slightly different angle:  IPCC Report: Britain could cool is Gulf Stream slows
And the Guardian gives us live reaction to IPCC conclusions with some quite interesting and conflicting comments there.
UN climate panel endorses ceiling on global emissions is the headline from the New York Times

And the Sydney Morning Herald warns Aus…

27th September - Today's News: Deadly Pakistan Earthquake Creates New Coastal Island

As Pakistan earthquake death toll jumps to 348 there are reports that Pakistan quake island off Gwadar 'emits flammable gas' - it appears to be a mud volcano.
Mexico's Alcapulco hit by heavy rain and fresh floods
Britain has its best crop of apples and pumpkins for years because of wet spring and hot summer.   It't been another week of mainly benign weather here (no rain in my garden for 10 days now), although apparently that's all about to change because now we face a weekend of hail and storm chaos with 'typhoon like conditions' !!!!!   Because there may be a few showers and maybe some thunder affecting parts of southern England on Saturday .....  Yep, it's Nathan Rao again.
In Sweden, cold snap on the way after first snow accident and across the border, first snow arrives as police advise Finns to prepare cars for winter.
Wild weather from snow to severe fire danger hits Canberra and NSW whilst in Victoria wild winds cause damage across the state.   M…

24th September - Today's News: Antarctic Sea Ice Hits 35-Year High

23rd September - Today's News: Typhoon Usagi Hits China

Typhoon Usagi kills at least 25 people in China whilst earlier, super typhoon cuts power, unleashes landslides in northern Philippines
After last week's Mexico storms: village landslide missing 'probably dead'
School holiday heatwave sets Queensland on high alert for bushfires and drought
Global Warming pause 'central' to IPCC report - or rather, that's what some people want it to be.   Certainly, be good to see a better explanation of how natural factors still affect climate and global temperature, as we have seen in recent years with negative PDO and reduced solar activity, as well as other things (including perhaps increased pollution) countering some of the predicted warming from CO2 emissions and related feedbacks.    The big question for those sceptical of AGW is: why aren't we cooling then?
Are ideas to cool the planet realistic? - more to the point, are they at risk of falling foul of the law of unintended consequences?   And is the money better spend…

20th September - Today's News: Death Tolls Rise in Mexico Storms, Colorado Floods

18th September - Today's News: August 4th Warmest on Record

NOAA: August 2013 temperatures fourth highest on record.  No catastrophic ice age yet then.  Full report here
Colorado floods: hundreds still missing
Heatwave and wildfires worsened Colorado flooding
Clean-up in Japan gets underway after deadly storm
Heavy rain in Canberra breaks record
In Alaska, ancient trees emerge from frozen forest 'tomb' as glaciers melt back revealing the remains 1,200+ year old trees (note: the report mentions the trees are probably the same as those that grow around the glacier today - so this is not evidence it was 'warmer' 1,200 years ago, only that the glacier was smaller 1,200 year ago)
Stronger winds may explain puzzling growth of sea ice in Antarctica
Oh, and an interesting follow-up to David Rose's misleading 'story' in the Mail on Sunday from the 'Bad Astronomer' Phil Plait: another week, another climate change denial article in The Mail.   Now, whether Rose was just mistaken and misunderstood what he read and was told, …

17th September - Today's News: Over 40 Killed in Mexico Storms

Deadly Mexico storms kill 42, floods strand thousands 
In Japan, after 2 deaths, Typhoon Man-yi downgraded to tropical storm
Eight confirmed dead, 1,600 homes destroyed in Colorado floods
Freakish amount of rain creates havoc around Sydney
Space image shows the devastating impact of flooding in eastern Russia
Nice pictures of a beautiful misty morning scenes but snow falls in the Cairngorms as winds forecast to hit 50mph
September brings first snow and negative temperatures in Romania's mountains as well
World's most vulnerable areas to climate change mapped
Space weather may be to blame for some satellite failures
According to Ken Ring (who used to - and maybe still does? - maintain that it's always clear skies under a full moon) Ireland will have a white December, but no snow on Christmas Day - that's the first Christmas forecast I've seen this year, though worth noting Ken Ring does not issue forecasts for Britain.  What?  Maybe he got fed up with riducule over his t…

16th September - Today's News: Deaths as Mexico Hit by Two Storms

24 dead as Tropical Storm Manuel and Hurricane Ingrid batter Mexico from east and west
Powerful Typhoon Man-Yi hits central Japan with 260,000 told to evacuate after Typhoon Man-Yi leaves massive flooding in Kyoto
Colorado flooding rescue operation continues 
Three people killed, 60 injured in storm in Punjab and Haryana
Hot summer boosts butterflies in Britain
Pentland Firth tidal turbine project given consent whilst wind farm opponents are living in the stone age, Ed Davey claims - well we will be if we keep on throwing money and electricity generation schemes which wreck the environment but are wholly inefficient and unreliable when it comes to electricity generation!   And as I keep saying, one cover 5,000 square miles in a power station when you can generate the same electricity from a station covering less than 1 square mile?  Perhaps, because there are is less short term profit in the latter?
Now, this is not really a new story since it's written by David Rose who wouldn't …

14th September - Today's News: Toll Rises as Colorado Floods Continue

13th September - Today's News: 3 Dead in Colorado Flash Floods

11th September - Today's News: First Autumn Snows in Highlands

Snow returns to Scotland as forecasters warn of nasty spell of weather around the corner - but it should hopefully improve for the latter part of September
Meanwhile, in the US, the Old Farmer's Almanac says get ready for a colder, snowier winter
Tropical storm Gabrielle nearing Bermuda
In NZ high winds continue to cause havoc
After some earlier doubts, it's official: Greenland saw its hottest day ever in July 2013 (though Wattsy's gang will no doubt beg to differ!)
And in Argentina, a winter heat wave brings record highs - with the highest September temp in BA since 1944
Life found in the sediments of an Antarctic sub-glacial lake for the first time
Water hidden in the Moon may have proto-Earth orgins
Interesting new DNA study suggests hunting did not kill off mammoth - though has to be said that a decline in population due to climate change has never really been in doubt: the 'kill' argument is that humans finished off an already much declined population that might…

10th September - Today's News: 'Intense' Winds Hit NZ

9th September - Today's News: David Rose Displays Ignorance of Basic English and Maths ....

The usual nonsense by David Rose in the Mail, falsely claiming that now it's global cooling! Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year.... !   The reality is that after an exceptional melt last year, in part due to unusual weather patterns, the melt this year has, as expected, not been quite so much - though still more than in most years on record and well below the levels that computer models once predicted.  Also worth emphasising that Rose has a very poor graft of basic English or Maths and does not appear to know the difference between 'could' and 'will' or that if you subtract a number from a higher number you end up with less, not more .....!   A more accurate (although they too fail to make it clear in their opening paragraph that, obviously - given it's been melting - there has been no growth in ice cover, just slightly less ice loss) from Abraham and Nuccitelli in their Guardian blog on how Arctic sea ice delusions strike the Mail o…

7th September - Today's News: Hail Storm Turns Falmouth White

6th September - Today's News: British Summer End on a High

Summer ended in Britain yesterday with the temperature hitting 30.2c at Writtle in Essex making it the hottest September day for 7 years (although it nearly as warm in October 2011).  Earlier in the day though, fog was implicit in a 130 vehicle pile-up on Sheppey.  Today we have proper rain, for the first time in ages .....

And are we really being threatened by 'plague of wasps'?  Well I haven't seen one since I killed a Queen back in the spring ....

Southern California's heat wave continues

Tropical Storm Gabrielle downgraded to depression as it brings heavy rain to Puerto Rico

Storm rips off roofs in eastern Japan whilst 7,000 residents in western Japan warned to evacuate due to Typhoon Toraji
In Patna, India, record rain floods roads
In China, cloud seeding popular during hottest summer - how effective it was is another matter

And in the Russian far east, siege humour as locals rename their flooded city Komsomolsk-in-Amur with worst still to come

Yet more research su…

3rd September - Today's News: Dozens Injured in Japan Tornado

Tornado hits eastern Japan's Saitama and Chiba prefectures, dozens left injured - latest reports say at least 67 injured.  Meanwhile, torrential rains flood western Japan with warnings of more to come.
In NZ, NIWA scientists confirm warmest winter on record and with the past 12 months the warmest on record, humans behind record Australian heat, research shows.
In Russia, flood evacuation starts in another far eastern city
Soot suspect in mid-1800s Alps glacier retreat - and of course is also complicit in glacial retreat around the world today.
Paradox of polar ice sheet formation solved
Climate change likely to steer away Sandy-like superstorms, study says: so as research currently stands, in a wamring world we'll get possibly fewer storms, though those that do occur will be stronger, but also less likely to make landfall.  Being science and not religion, this may of course change!
Prehistoric climate shift linked to cosmic impact - I think it's increasingly likely that an imp…

2nd September - Today's News: Peru Snow Emergency Extended

Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions
Manitobans in southeast clean up after massive storm
Wildfire becomes fourth largest in Californian history as containment continues
2013 marks western Japan's hottest summer ever
Climate change 'driving the spread of crop pests'
Oh, and apparently, since it's the first week of September and it's not very cold, wet and windy, then we're all enjoying an 'Indian Summer' ......  Word of warning to the journalists peddling this nonsense:- Father Christmas knows if you've been naughty .......!