24th September - Today's News: Antarctic Sea Ice Hits 35-Year High

Antarctic sea ice hit 35-year record high Saturday - and this despite the warmest August on record,so it's not because it's been cold....
Mexico storm death toll rises to 110 (and some reports this morning now saying 123)

With the IPCC AR5 due out latest this week, human role in warming 'more certain' - UN climate chief

And wind and rain belts to shift north as planet warms based on evidence of what happened after the end of the last ice age.  Interestingly, it reverses what happened during the LIA, when the Northern Hemisphere cooled. 

But good news for chasers, if no-one else, as global warming is likely to increase severe thunderstorm conditions in the US, research finds - but what about England?!!!

And finally, house sparrow decline stabilises, figures show - and I seem to be feeding most of them in my garden!  


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