16th September - Today's News: Deaths as Mexico Hit by Two Storms

Pentland Firth tidal turbine project given consent whilst wind farm opponents are living in the stone age, Ed Davey claims - well we will be if we keep on throwing money and electricity generation schemes which wreck the environment but are wholly inefficient and unreliable when it comes to electricity generation!   And as I keep saying, one cover 5,000 square miles in a power station when you can generate the same electricity from a station covering less than 1 square mile?  Perhaps, because there are is less short term profit in the latter?

Now, this is not really a new story since it's written by David Rose who wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up a bit his nose off.  He's claiming that global warming is just half what we said - based on his interpretation of a 'leaked' summary of the IPCC AR5 due out later this week and also this report by some guy called Nicolas Lewis who claims to be an 'independant climate scientist' - whatever that means....  

What the summary actually says remains to be seen.  Though I concur that computer models are likely to have been wrong simply on the logical basis that they are unlikely to have fully incorporated all the various factos - natural and anthropogenic - that affect climate on a decadal basis.  Especially since at the time some of these models were run, we did not know of, or properly understand, some of them.  Not surprisingly, the MetO were quick to respond to some of the mistruths in Rose's piece - with further response from them likely in due course. 

Worth noting that the final boxed piece in Rose's article is strewn with errors and misunderstandings including the bizarre notion that if some regions of the world were at various times in the past as warm as they were during the late 20th century then the world cannot as a whole be said to be warmer today than at any time in the past 1,300 years.   He also repeats his falsehood about global wamring being 'on pause' for 17 years, despite his past errors having been pointed out to him by numerous authorities including the MetO and, er, the MetO again ....

But it's not just Rose, as Abraham and Nuccitelli discover, the 5 stages of climate denial are on display ahead of IPCC report


  1. CMIP3 models and observed temps:




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