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31st December - Today's News: Queensland Swelters in Record Heat Wave

30th December - Today's News: Cyclone Christine Bears Down on W.A.

28th December - Today's News: Obscene Amount of Snow Falls in Switzerland

In Australia, Tropical Cyclone Christine intensifying as WA's Pilbara battens down - with forecasts that winds could be nearly as strong as they were across much of Britain yesterday where thousands still without power  - and whilst most of us shouldn't see quite such high winds again for a while, there could be quite a bit more rain before the year is out.

Meanwhile, experts warn Queenslanders to stay cool, hydrated as temperatures expected to hit up to 46c
And some good photos as an obscene amount of snow falls in Switzerland (here in England, we could just possibly see winter arrive by the middle of January - though no promises yet!)

27th December - Today's News - Another Storm Batters Britain & Ireland

26th December - Today's News: Floods Cancel Christmas for Many

The Avon peaked around 3m in Evesham on Christmas Day - similar to the same time last year, but fortunately not affecting residential properties.   Less luck elsewhere though as flooding ruins Christmas for thousands and footage of planes underwater in Surrey whilst plane takes off sideways in storm in Shetland Islands.  Today new flood fear as more rain and high winds forecast.   In Scotland, Salmond praises workers for Christmas emergency efforts

And its not just us suffering as mass power cuts continue in US and Canada after storm
In the Caribbean, heavy rain kills eight in St Vincent
Brazil president pledges aid after deadly floods there

Meanwhile, Moscow weather beats 1910 temperature record to give them their warmest ever Christmas
A warning that 'snow cyclones' could threaten Sochi Olympics in the new year
And Met Office to offer daily space weather forecasts

24th December - Today's News: Storms Disrupt Christmas Travel (2)

All in all, nothing that eventful here - although about an inch of rain and the river is in flood again - nothing unsual but more rain (and gales) are expected on Friday and again next Monday.  But yesterday's storm winds and torrential rain buffet Britain, leaving two dead  as heavy rain and 87mph winds bring disruption in Wales and it's not over yet with attention switching north today with Northern Ireland power cut warning due to storms and Scotland weather: high winds and flooding expected. The Daily Mail as usual has lots of dramatic pictures of the nightmare before Christmas
 Meanwhile, North America storms spell cold, dark Christmas for many and half the US is already covered in snow.   It's rumoured we might see some snow here.  In 2014.   Sometime.  Perhaps .....
Tropical cyclone expected to form over northern WA Christmas morning
Japanese volcanologists say several nuclear power stations at risk if major eruption occur
Icelandic 'elf lobby' forces halt on …

23rd December - Today's News: Storms Disrupts Christmas Travel

21st December - Today's News: Christmas Storm Warning for UK

After a blustery weekend, the weather looks set to take a turn for the worse on Monday and Tuesday with a potentially very severe storm - models currently suggesting a central pressure down to 930mb - becoming slow moving to west/northwest of Scotland and affecting the whole of Britain.  The Met Office have issued this statement severe storm heading for the UK and are likely to upgrade their current warnings over the weekend.  Flooding could also be an inssue in some parts of the country.  Stay safe and don't travel unless you really really need to.

However, despite what Rao claims, it probably won't be a white Christmas for most of us, though showers - mainly in the north and west - could be of sleet or snow so some may see some flakes, even if it doesn't settle.
Meanwhile, US bracing for tornadoes and freezing rain as storm moves across country
Power returning to homes, trees down, church spire toppled after wild winds across Adelaide

And why it snows so much in the frozen…

20th December - Today's News: Heatwave to 'Ruin' Aussie Christmas

19th December - Today's News: Another Storm Batters Britain & Ireland

Another stormy day yesterday and though calmer in the south today, in Ireland winds of 110kmh expected today as tributes paid to storm victim whilst in England, sailor search continues after gales batter BritainPower restored to 10,000 NI properties after storm
There's likely to be snow over most hills in Britain over the next week, but though it should generally be a bit colder for the rest of the month, there's no signs of anything of consequence for low lying England as yet.   But its not just us missing out: there's no snow in Siberia?  Locals marvel - and worry - at the 'snow shortage'
It's hot down under as mercury hits 43.4c in Adelaide and higher than 46c in South Autralia's north as summer takes hold whilst Melbourne baked and flaked in 40c
November temps set new global high, NOAA says -  full report here
In China, experts pour cold water on cloud seeding plans to combat smog

While flash floods hit southern China
 And finally, how sad to see th…

18th December - Today's News: Christmas Storm Warning for Britain

Another windy day today, especially in the north, and it's looking increasingly likely to be very stormy across Britain for Christmas with damaging gales most days next week (Christmas Day itself may give a slight reprieve - but details of where and when the strongest winds will occur next week are changing with each model run at the moment though).  Not much sign of snow except over hills, although there's a wee chance we could see a bit of sleet in Evesham tomorrow .....   At least it won't be mild!   The temptation is to refer one of these storms as Rao, because, shock! horror! utter amazement!  for once he might be almost sort of nearly right, warning of deadly 100mph storms to bit Britain on Christmas day

It'll be interesting to see how stormy Piers Corbyn was predicting the second half of December to be, when he adds the December forecast to his online archives - he did forecast gales in Scotland for the 14-17 December, but oddly hasn't said anything yet abou…

17th December - Today's News: Fog & Smog in Europe

16th December - Today's News: Snow Falls in Viet Nam

More gales hit parts of Scotland, with it looking wet and very windy right through till Christmas now as low pressure remains entrenched near Iceland.  A subsidary low could bring some more damaging gales to the north later this week.
US snow storm enters final stage after battering midwest and east coast
Floods from storm Alexa force Gazans to leave homes
Esa's Cryosat sees Arctic sea-ice volume bounce back
And now snow falls in Vietnam for the first time in years.   At this rate, we could be the last place on Earth to see snow this winter!

14th December - Today News: Snow in Cairo

And now even the Giza pyramids have snow (or graupel, anyway) ..... whilst we in England ponder the very remote chance that any heavier showers over the Christmas period could just possibly have the odd flake of wet snow in them if we're very lucky (seriously, it does currently look like turning colder Christmas week, but probably not cold enough for lying snow other than on hills)
Snow hits Cairo for first time in over 100 years and a photo gallery: snow over Cairo's eastern suburbs
And historic snow fall turns Holy Land into scenes we see in Christmas cards (actually, snow in Israel isn't all that rare) as 'worst storm in decades' rages on around Israel
At the 3rd Ashes Test, Aussies and Poms agree: it ain't half hot mum
Finland's intense storms stump FMI chief meterologist after storm brings near-record high winds
Indonesian mud volcano to stop 'by decade's end'
Evidence of mass extinction associated with climate change 275 million years ago d…

13th December - Today's News: Heavy Snow in Eastern Mediterannean

So that's where our winter's gone ....
In Cyprus, Nicosia has its first glimpse of snow in years, cold weather, strong winds hamper travel in Greece, whilst a brutal snowstorm brings new misery for Syrian refugees and police, IDF called in to help motorists stranded in snow in Jerusalem.  Today in Cyprus, snowbound communities running out of supplies whilst in Israel, tens of thousands without power as severe storm continues.
Storm Ivar leaves thousands without power in Sweden whilst over 40,000 Estonian households in blackout after storm
Back home, it's snow joke: Scotland really is bloomin warm this winter (temperatures in the Highlands have been up to 16c this week)
I'm really not sure what this story is about - but there are likely to be severe gales in the NW of Scotland over the weekend, and generally it's looking unsettled for the next week with deep low pressure persisting over Iceland and a strong west or southwesterly airflow, perhaps with gales at times -…

11th December - Today's News: The Ten Worse Weather Places in the World

Just in time for Christmas: the ten worst weather places in the world - and amazingly, Evesham isn't there!   Or perhaps boring doesn't count as bad?
Winter storm closes part of US Government
Here, thick fog causes travel disruption as flights cancelled at Heathrow Airport
Jerusalem braces for snow as torrential rains sweep Israel
Floods kill 11 in northeastern Brazil - a region currently experiencing a severe drought!
Esa's Cryosat mission detects continued West Antarctic ice loss
Astronomers solve temperature mystery of planetary atmospheres
Yellowstone supervolcano 'even more colossal' than thought.  When that goes bang, we'll know it!

Could Los Angeles withstand a 'megaquake'? - something far more likely to occur in our lifetime

And I've just seen the Met Office report on the St Jude's Day autumn storm, October 2013 which concludes it was one of the top 10 worst autumn storms to affect southern England in the past 40 years, but not particularly sig…

10th December - Today's News: The Coldest Place on Earth Discovered?

Cold, ice grip US as more snow to blanket East and huge ice sheets smash onto parked cars from apartment blocks as US endures ice storm cold snap - but it remains rather mild and quite dull and boring in Britain.  No sign of winter here as yet!   There's also been record warmth in Alaska's Arctic.

But if it's real cold you want, head to Antarctic where coldest spot on Earth identified by satellite.  Although Antarctic record low temperature disputed by the Russians ...... There may well be even colder spots.
Perth braces for five days of searing heat rising to 40c by Monday
Hurt seals flood wildlife center after tidal surge

Chinese cities hit hard by smog again
And let's get this one sorted straight away, it's claimed in the Guardian today that the US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016 - but actually they just project that if the trend of decline from 1996-2007 continued, then it could be so by 2016 ± 3 years (so, in theory, by 2013).  And note a high level o…

9th December - Today's News: Snow Hits US East Coast

7th December - Today's News: US Deadly Freeze Continues

US freeze shows no sign of weekend melt after deadly storm - quite a few date records have been set in recent days and for the first time in 20 years, cold records may beat warm records in US.   But no, that does not prove we're in a new ice age and that global warming is a lie ....
And there's been snow falling.  In Australia.  In Summer.  That is all. - here in Evesham the current 'cold snap' hasn't even produced a frost ......  And daytime temps have been, if anything, above average!  And there's zero chance of snow over the next couple of weeks.  But let's not forget headlines like this or  this or this or even this!  ROFLMAO ....
(Oh, and no Nathan, it wasn't the worst storm for 60 years.  It was the worst storm surge.)

And btw, as expected, Piers Corbyn predicted the storm 3 weeks in advance.  Well, okay, he predicted that it would be mild and windy in Scotland for the period 1-7 December, with storm force winds except for on the 4th and 5th.   Same…

6th December - Today's News: 5th December 2013 Storm Surge - Worst in 60 Years

5th December - Today's News: Storm Hits Northern & Eastern Britain

After a spell of quite quiet weather (and with another such spell looking likely from the weekend) today we actually get some weather.   Tragically, already at least one death as a result though.

Storm brings flood warnings and travel disruption - winds are stronger and more widespread than the St Jude's Day storm in October.

A tidal surge down the North Sea later today could be the worst since 1953 and the continent could be badly hit too as northern Europe braces for powerful winter storm and Dutch cancel flights as storm looms

Meanwhile, in the US winter storm Cleon moves on to deliver one-two punch of heavy snowfall and dangerously icy conditions that will affect millions in the East and Midwest
Saturn's 'hexagonal' megastorm seen by Cassini
And finally climatologists use their super-compters for something useful and discover that Lord of the Rings weather like Leicester, Los Angeles and New South Wales

4th December - Today's News: Five Killed in Canaries Flash Floods & Mudslides

In the Canaries, Thor star Chris Hemsworth flees film set after flash floods and mudslides kill five (though I fail to understand why someone losing a day's filming is more newsworthy than 5 people losing their lives ....)
Warnings as high winds and snow forecast for Scotland - down here we'll get a couple of frosty nights and that'll be it ....
In NZ, rain brings relief to upper North Island after the 2nd warmest November on record
Flood-tide to reach peak in 61 years, Saigon to be submerged again (translation: flood level to match the 61 year record peak recorded in October this year)

And in Malaysia, flood: Kuantan town centre almost paralysed
In the Canaries, Thor star Chris Hemsworth flees film set after flash floods and mudslides kill five (though I fail to understand why someone losing a day's filming is more newsworthy than 5 people losing their lives ....)
Plastic found to account for the majority of marine microlitter accumulating in the food chain - as I'v…

3rd December - Today's News: Australia's Record Warm Spring

2nd December - Today's News: Record November Snowfall in Northern Finland

Bit of a catch-up after being away in Glasgow for MBA meetings the past few days....
Record snow fall at north Finnish village
Heavy rain in Cuba lashes Havana, killing two
Queensland weather records tumble as spring temperatures soar
Dog found under rubble 9 days after Illinois tornado
Farmers describe 'worst storm in 150 years' which hit S Dakota in October
In Britain, the St Jude storm may have killed around 10 million trees
Today, evacuations launched as bad weather hammers Italy
Norway not ready for extreme weather
Floods hit North Africa
Lakes discovered  beneath Greenland ice sheet
And whilst I was away, there was another nasty outbreak of rash headlines: Met Office denies predicting three months of exceptionally cold weather amid reports of Britain's 'coldest ever winter' - you can guess who made the story up!   The Met Office Contingency Planner Forecast (not intended for media consumption as it contains long words) does suggest a 25% probability that, over…