18th December - Today's News: Christmas Storm Warning for Britain

Another windy day today, especially in the north, and it's looking increasingly likely to be very stormy across Britain for Christmas with damaging gales most days next week (Christmas Day itself may give a slight reprieve - but details of where and when the strongest winds will occur next week are changing with each model run at the moment though).  Not much sign of snow except over hills, although there's a wee chance we could see a bit of sleet in Evesham tomorrow .....   At least it won't be mild!   The temptation is to refer one of these storms as Rao, because, shock! horror! utter amazement!  for once he might be almost sort of nearly right, warning of deadly 100mph storms to bit Britain on Christmas day

It'll be interesting to see how stormy Piers Corbyn was predicting the second half of December to be, when he adds the December forecast to his online archives - he did forecast gales in Scotland for the 14-17 December, but oddly hasn't said anything yet about storms from the 18-31 as well ......

In the US, another snowstorm threatens battered Northeast

California hit by rare autumn wildfire (in the US it's officially autumn until the winter solstice)

Geoengineering research, ethics, governance explored in the lastest issue of the journal Climate Change

New findings hint at diamond deposits in Antarctica - but the continent is protected, so we cant dig for them .... can we?

Finally, nice to see this story in the top ten most viewed stories on the BBC this morning:  After it was announced yesterday that an award had been given to 'Britain's remotest public toilet' on the Stoer peninsular in Wester Ross, climbers say Corrour's toilet is remotest loo on mainland UK - and quite right they are too.  Plus it's free to use!  But why no mention of the MBA?!


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