7th December - Today's News: US Deadly Freeze Continues

US freeze shows no sign of weekend melt after deadly storm - quite a few date records have been set in recent days and for the first time in 20 years, cold records may beat warm records in US.   But no, that does not prove we're in a new ice age and that global warming is a lie ....

And there's been snow falling.  In Australia.  In Summer.  That is all. - here in Evesham the current 'cold snap' hasn't even produced a frost ......  And daytime temps have been, if anything, above average!  And there's zero chance of snow over the next couple of weeks.  But let's not forget headlines like this or  this or this or even this!  ROFLMAO ....

(Oh, and no Nathan, it wasn't the worst storm for 60 years.  It was the worst storm surge.)

And btw, as expected, Piers Corbyn predicted the storm 3 weeks in advance.  Well, okay, he predicted that it would be mild and windy in Scotland for the period 1-7 December, with storm force winds except for on the 4th and 5th.   Same thing, right?


  1. Hey, we should be thankful for the Express and its headlines. If it hadn't published them, we wouldn't know that we are going through such a cold and adverse period of weather at the moment.



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