12th March - Today's News: Channel Snowstorm Causes Chaos

With a max of +1.7c yesterday was my coldest March day on record, whilst a flurry produced a slight dusting here this morning .....  Somewhat colder and snowier down towards the Channel though as hundreds of drivers left stranded overnight as storm causes traffic chaos across the South-east.   In the Channel Islands, Jersey Airport suspends flights for second day  whilst Guernsey snow hits schools, roads, buses and airport.  There's been some impressive drifting too.

Roads, flights and trains hit by snow in France as other parts of Europe gripped by winter weather outbreak as well.

Meanwhile, snow and ice cause travel chaos in Scotland  but up in Sutherland and the Hebrides they could do with snow as Highland crews called on to tackle wildfires - it's that season again.

And in stark contrast, down under, Melbourne breaks heatwave record


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