29th March - Today's News: Coldest March Since 1962

Little surprise that it's set to be the coldest and dullest March since the 1960s  or even that Britain's colder than the Arctic - if you live 'in' Aonach Mor ....... (actually, apart from seemingly not knowing Aonach Mor is a 4,000 high mountain, not a village, the article is surprisingly good for the Daily Express).

No flip-flops on Snowdon this Easter as Snowdon Mountain Railway to close over Easter due to snow - conditions will be superby for winter hillwalking, climbing and skiing this weekend, but the emphasis is on winter!
Snow and cold weather in March adds £80 to cost of heating homes - though in my experience, most people have their heating on through March anyway.  Mind, even I've had it on for an hour or two most mornings this month. 

And a tongue-in-cheek suggestion on how the government could end this long winter at a stroke - and a similar thing did work last spring: as soon as they issued drought orders the deluge started!

But whilst snow remains in many places, in the NW it's been rather dry of late with spate of Highland wildfires tackled in recent days.

Last spring's Met Office three-month forecast was 'not helpful' - though contrary to what is stated in the story, the Contingency Planner's forecast is in fact available to the public via the MetO website.  Archives are not held though - so for future reference I'm going to start downloading and storing them myself.  Whilst I recall the A-M-J forecast issued last March, I can't recall whether the next updat in April indicated a higher probability for above average rainfall.   Meanwhile, Met Office continues to drive forward research on long-range forecasting.    Just because one forecast is wrong doesn't mean they all are - and, of course, even if the probability, for example, is 90% that over a 3 month period rainfall will be below average it does not preclude spells of very wet weather.   And 90% probability still allows a 10% probability that rainfall will not be below average!

And with the block of high pressure responsible for our cold weather holding the Atlantic at bay, an incredible North Atlantic storm spans Atlantic Ocean, coast to coast - though I'm not sure it's really that unusual.

Poll: Americans want US to prepare for climate change, but want businesses, not the government, to pay.

Saturn is like an antiques shop, Cassini suggests; moons and rings date back to Solar System's birth -  just trying to think of an angle to use that in advertising my shop!

And there's new evidence ancient asteroid caused global firestorm on Earth - but I thought they'd decided it was a comet?

Finally, with my least favorite time of the year approaching, it's interesting to see that whilst clocks go forwards at night to Sunday, summertime begins in the Czech Republic, there is thought to be little if any benefit for people there.  Hmmm, guess who agrees with that!


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