23rd March - Today's News: Heavy Snow Causes Major Disrupton Across Britain

Needless to say, the snow is the main story today.  We even have a 1cm of slushy stuff in Evesham!

As weather warnings continue into the weekend the island of Arran could be without mains electricity until next week,  there are 3,000 without power after more snow with snow chaos across North Wales - reports of 2ft in places -  and 35,000 homes without power after snow in Northern Ireland.  Rescue teams  aid stranded drivers in Cumbria.  And in Cornwall house collapse: body found.   In all, three die as storm strikes Devon and Cornwall

Live coverage of events here

But is the weather worse under a coalition government?  Well, I always blamed the lack of good winters in the late 90s and 00s on Labour ..... and notably, under Bliar it was significantly warmer ..... 


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