6th March - Today's News: NZ's Wettest Place Stricken by Drought

Winter is coming ..... again.  A gorgeous spring day yesterday for much of the country (excpet where fog lingered) with 17.5c in Trawsgoed and 15.9c in my garden.   Today, cool, damp and dreary.  And next week there's a good chance we'll not only see some sharp frosts, but some snow showers too: which this time of year will a) be photogenic and b) not too disruptive as an snow that settles should soon melt.  Best time of the year for snow, in my opinion.   Added to which, we have a chance of seeing Comet PanSTARRS in the early evening next week - so with luck, lots of photo ops!

In SW Japan, Kumamoto warns residents to stay indoors as smog drifts from China

Millions of Indians facing worst drought in decades - but due more to government ineptitude (and increased population/demand for water in regions that see sparse rainfall to start with) than anything else.

Arctic ice loss amplified superstorm Sandy violence

Woolly Rhino site reveals ancient British temperature 42,000 years ago.  Meanwhile, giant camel fossil found in Arctic dating back to the Pliocene when all parts were warmer than today, though Arctic winters were still cold - it suggests the camel may originally have evolved to survive cold, rather than hot, climates.

The making of Antarctica's hidden fjiords began 34 million years ago - Slartibartfast's signature not yet found.

And new evidence that comets sould have seeded life on Earth - and, if so, then elsewhere too


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