22nd March - Today's News: Spring Starts in Britain With a Winter Storm

It may be Spring, astronomically speaking as well as meteorologically, but there's still no end to winter in Britain as heavy snow and rain cause disruption across the country.  There's bad flooding in Devon and Cornwall - with more rain to come here - and Looe house collapses after landslide.  In Eire, Cork suburb badly hit by overnight flooding  as well.  But elsewhere it's the snow and wind that gets the headlines as snow causes 'hazardous conditions' in parts of Scotland with Northern Ireland hit by snow, sleet and strong windsschools and roads shut as snow sweeps in across Wales and conditions expected to turn worse across a large part of England later today and into Saturday.   We may even get some snow in Evesham! 

And gas is running low as chill continues - but at least the wind means the turbines should be turning....

And excuse me whilst I ROFLMAO at Ann Widdicombe claiming - presumably because she read a deliberately inaccurate and misleading newspaper story - that she was right to question AGW because even scientists are cooling on climate change.   Sorry, but they are not, and your denial of the facts makes you a flat earther (and subscriber to religious doctrine), whether you like it or not.   Maybe you should study the scientific research and not rely on tabloid gossip in future?   Might make you look less stupid ....  

And Voyager solar system 'exit' debated - are we truely an interstellar race yet, or not?


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