20th March - Today's News: David Rose Lies Again ....

Its the Spring Equinox today, so however you look at it, winter is over.   Or not: snow causes chaos in Tayside and Fife and more to come in many parts of Britain over the coming days with next week also looking rather cold with March now looking like being the coldest for 50 years.   Mind, snow is more common at Easter than Christmas ....

Freak hail storm at Exmoor Zoo leaves cars stranded (not sure what was freaky about it though!)

More evidence that there was once flowing water on Mars as Curiosity breaks rock to reveal dazzling white interior

And finally,  David Rose - whom I've briefly criticised before and, er, once again in more detail - continues to reguritate the same lies and disinformation to the public, in direct contravention of the journalists' code of conduct: claiming once again that that there is no global warming.   My friends at Skeptical Science have been on the case though, explaining somewhat more accurately how  David Rose hides the rise in global warming, and Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer also wades in to point out that no, global warming has NOT stopped.  See also scientists set straight the latest Mail on Sunday climate contortion.  Well done guys.  But sadly, when Rose steadfastly refuses to listen to what the Met Office tell him, I doubt anything we say will temper this religious zealot's fervour.  All we can do is try and ensure the public are aware of his disingenous lies and that nothing he says can be trusted.


  1. This is also pertinent:



  2. And more: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/mar/20/response-mail-on-sunday-great-green-con-climate-change



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