25th March - Today's News: Snowdrift Britain

Amazing scenes in parts of Britain over the weekend - needless to say not even any lying snow in Evesham!   Though with a max of +0.9c yesterday was my coldest March day on record.   Indications are that it'll remain cold with a further risk of snow in places through this week, and possibly some more widespread snow for some over Easter .......   Winter continues unabated.  But I've a feeling when the weather does change we could see a shift to the opposite extreme.  Heatwave on the way?   We'll see!

And more pictures from the BBC as severe weather continues across UK

In SE Qld, man critically hurt by storm-felled tree and my brother's family were without power for 13 hours.   Should have paid the bill! 

In the Himalaya, third pole glaciers shrinking, affected by black carbon according to a Chinese study


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