8th March - Today's News: New Reconstruction of Recent Earth Climate

Reconstruction of Earth climate history shows significance of recent temperature rise - inevitably, Wattsy & Co refute the reconstruction because it doesn't show what they want to see.  That's religion for you. (btw some of the comments are quite amusing - or would be if they weren't meant to be deadly serious - and some just reveal a gross lack of understanding)

Slowly the MetO are coming around to the thinking that there could actually be some fairly widespread snow across parts of England - particularly the N Midlands, but possibly also Worcs. - on Sunday ......   Going to be an interesting few days, though nothing yet set in stone.  Snow forecast for South as winter returns.  For now though it's just damp, foggy, dreich.

But will our forecasts prove more accurate than those in the US, where heavy snow forecast earlier this week in D.C. failed to materialise?  Why are Europeans better at predicting the weather?   There has been snow in some parts of the US though as Nor'easter begins wreaking havoc on Northeast and flooding remains the major concern as ocean storm batters the coast

Canadian glaciers face 'big losses' - no ice age coming yet then

Antarctic ice volume measured - enough to raise the oceans by 58m if it all melted, though it would take quite a few thousand years for that to happen, even if the average temp rose above freezing ...

No signs of Cthulu, the Thing or even Aliens and Predators, but Antarctic Lake Vostok yields  'new bacterial life'

And setting the record straight in the Daily Mail - though I noticed my own letter to the Mail wasn't published!   See Delingpole Lies to the Public.


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