19th March - Today's News: March Snow Causes More Disruption

Ignore the usual inaccurate, deliberately misleading, headline: just some good pictures here of snow in Britain.   And more pictures of  worst March snowfall in decades in eastern Europe

And it's not just Britain and Europe still in the thralls of winter as March snowstorm blankets southern Manitoba and winter's last snowstorm heads for New England

Meanwhile, parts of dought-stricken Midwest flood

'Large crack' opens on Dorset coastline - another big landslide looks imminent

There could be ten times more hurricane surges in future, new research predicts.  But models have been known to be wrong and can only ever be as good as the data input.  So don't take this as fact.  It's just a possibility, based on assumptions.

But it does seem that there is a significant contribution of Greenland's peripheral glaciers to sea-level rise

And according to another fringe conspiracist, the mini-ice age has arrived.   That'll be why all those Greenland glacier are melting then, won't it?  Duh!


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