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23rd JUne - Today's News: Mapping Highland Wildfires

21st June - Today's News: Mars Encompassed by Planet-wide Dust Storm

Martian dust storm grows global: Curiosity captures photos of thickening haze
A flash flood emergency in parts of coastal Texas from over a foot of rain
Here, it's been a warm and dry June so far and some parts of Britain look set to record their driest June on record.   I have recorded just 4.1mm this month - 8% of average - with no more rain forecast until at least July ....  And unlike some parts, we didn't have a wet winter or spring.  And drought haunts farmers in Poland, Baltic states too
Arnhem Land beaches reaching crisis point as Indonesian waste floats ashore
And a warning that New Zealand’s Mount Taranaki ‘almost certain’ to erupt ..... one day .....

20th June - Today's News: Deadly Floods Hit Ivory Coast

18th June - Today's News: Deadly Earthquake Strikes Japan

16th June - Today's News: Sea Creatures Rains Down on China

15th June - Today's News: Lebanese Flash Floods

Lebanon scrambles to cope with Baalbek floods that left one dead this week
Roads blocked and scaffolding collapsed as Storm Hector batters North Wales and lots of pictures from across the UK in the Daily Mails as Storm Hector batters Britain with 70mph winds
Delhi residents choke as dust blankets capital and India facing the 'worst water crisis in its history' - mainly due to lack of infrastructure and growing demand in the world's second most populated country.  Changes in monsoon rainfall, and diminishing glaciers will not help matters.
How ocean waves following sea ice loss trigger Antarctic ice shelf collapse
And NASA’s Opportunity rover is fighting for its life in a Martian dust storm

14th June - Today's News: Storm hector Hits Northern Britain & Ireland

After a long spell of mostly benign weather, northern parts of Britain and Ireland hit by strongs winds (and even some rain!) with travel disruption as Storm Hector sweeps across Scotland whilst in Ireland 35,000 homes remain without power after 'severe and potentially damaging gusts' and more travel disruption as Storm Hector leaves debris trail in Northern Ireland
At least 14 killed as landslides sweep away Rohingya shelters in Bangladesh
In SW India, 3 children among 5 killed as rain wreaks havoc in Kerala; death toll rises to 28
Gemstones are reportedly raining down from the sky right now in Hawaii - unfortunately not emeralds or diamonds though, just olivine.  And the reports have not been officially confirmed by geologists.
Antarctica loses three trillion tonnes of ice in 25 years
And to forecast winter rainfall in the Southwest, look to New Zealand in the summer (that's the SW USA)

12th June - Today's News: Notable Lack of US Tornadoes

11th June - Today's News: Thunderstorms Cause Travel Disruption in Scotland

9th June - Today's News: 1st Hurricane of Season Forms in Pacific

8th June - Today's News: USA Has Warmest Recorded May

6th June - Today's News: Nearly 200 Still Missing After Guatemala Eruption

Guatemala volcano: Almost 200 missing and 75 dead.   Meanwhile, in Hawaii, lava from Kilauea eruption destroys hundreds of homes
Southern California clouds are vanishing, but why?
Ancient Greenland was much warmer than previously thought - during both the last interglacial and the more recent Holocene climatic optimum (the peak of the current interglacial, prior to modern warming)
And alien apocalypse: Can any civilization make it through climate change? Well, I suspect we'll make it through.  So ....

5th June - Today's News: Toll Rises to 69 After Guatemala Volcano Eruption

4th June - Today's News: Storm Alberto Kills at Least 6 in US, 7 in Cuba

Back after a week of stunning weather in the Cairngorms ...... 
Whilst I was away, enjoying the sun, a man in 80s dies in Walsall as flash floods hit Midlands, and more flash-flooding brings parts of London and Kent to standstill
Subtropical Storm Alberto makes landfall in Florida; 2 journalists killed in North Carolina whilst a North Carolina landslide kills two; two dead in Virginia flooding and there's another seven killed in storm Alberto flooding in Cuba
Guatemala volcano eruption kills at least 25, lava flows hamper rescue efforts
Thunderstorms trigger flooding in Yemen
There's some relief in sight from Hong Kong's heat
India thunderstorms and lightning strikes kill 50
Controversially it's announced that May 2018 hottest since records began in UK - but only for the mean maximum temperature, and records only began in the 20th century.   It wasn't the warmest in the much longer CET series.    But very warm and sunny - and mostly dry, until the last week - nonethel…

24th May - Today's News: Cyclone Mekunu Hits Socatra, Heading to Oman

22nd May - Today's News: Tropical Cyclone Sagar Hits Somalia

19th May - Today's News: Gulf of Aden Cyclone Threatens Somalia

17th May - Today's News: German Tornado

In Germany a tornado rages through NRW, injuring two and ripping roofs from houses with more video footage as the tornado tears through Germany, just missing Netherlands
The storms that ripped through northeast caused a ‘meteotsunami’ - a rise in sea levels due to a sudden change in atmospheric pressure 
In the UK, what impact is climate change having on cricket? More disrupted matches seem likely. 
A state of emergency as ice-choked Lena River spills its banks in remote settlements in Siberia
In Colombia: tens of thousands ordered to evacuate after floods at dam - the proximate cause being the clearing of a blocked tunnel, but deforestation around the construction site and recent heavy rains are contributary factors.
Tiny satellite's first global map of ice clouds
Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical - despite us cutting their use, CFCs are not declining as expected ....
A new study shows major shifts in global freshwater with wet areas getting wetter, dry are…

16th May - Today's News: Killer Storms Strikes NE USA

14th May - Today's News: Heavy Snow Hits South-eastern France

11th March - Today's News: "Catastrophic" Flooding in Hobart

10th May - Today's News: Heavy Rains Cause Deadly Kenya Dam Burst

At least 32 dead, hundreds displaced as Patel Dam 'bursts' in Nakuru, Kenya after more heavy rain in flood-hit east Africa.  

More deaths as violent thunderstorms sweep through Nigeria
Another powerful dust storm, rain leaves 14 dead in northern India
An extremely rare southeast Pacific subtropical cyclone forms off the Chilean coast
BOM predicts snow as low as 800m as Australian ski fields get first dumps of the year
Powerful hurricanes strengthen faster now than 30 years ago
And April in the U.S. was remarkably cold in the midst of global warming - so confusing to some American AGW deniers who just can't get their little indoctrinated minds around the concept that what happens in a small, insignificant, part of the world has no bearing on global trends.

8th May - Today's News: Flash Floods in Ankara

5th May - Today's News: Earthquakes & Evacuations in Hawaii as Kilauea Erupts

4th May - Today's News: Death Toll Rises in Indian Dust Storm

India dust storms: More than 125 killed as storms continue and why this dust storm in India turned deadly
Mount Kilauea: Hawaii emergency declared over volcano eruption
New Brunswick calls in coast guard to help flood relief effort - the worst spring flooding there for 80 years
Scientists have never observed so little ice in the Bering Sea in spring In Portugal, signs that extreme weather 'potentially catastrophic' for bats - though I am sure they have survived similar in the past!
A new study suggests that temperature swings to hit poor countries hardest, although the results seem to contradict suggestions of more extremes, with colder winters/hotter summers, in Europe due to changes in the AMOC
And a warning of wintry conditions in Scotland's mountains ahead of the bank holiday weekend - with a bit more snow than usual for the time of year still around in the Cairngorms in particular

3rd May - Today's News: Deadly Indian Dust Storms

1st May - Today's News: Seven Die in Alpine Storm

30th April - Today's News: Record Rotorua Rainfall Brings Floods

28th April - Today's News: 10 Teenagers Dead in Israeli Flash Flood

Death toll in Dead Sea flash floods rises to 10 as last missing teen found - with issues as to whether they should have been hiking in the areas given the weather conditions at the time.  At least two other teenagers have died in floods in the region this week.
Floods, landslides, tornado batter Java this week
Roads flooded as wind and rain hit Auckland And a suggestion that fracking may have caused South Korean earthquake

26th April - Today's News: Floods as Welcome Rain Falls on Cape Town

25th April - Today's News: Cool Canada Keeps Tornado Alley Quiet

24th April - Today's News: Croatia Joins List of Record April Temperatures

First thunderstorm of the year on Saturday evening, and I finally managed to capture my first ever photo of lightning.   So it was 4 hot days and a thunderstorm - not bad!   Back to normal April weathe now, but not for all of Europe as April heatwave brings record temperatures to parts of Croatia yesterday.  And last week parts of Switzerland see record temperatures as well as other countries previously reported in this blog
Mysterious Arctic ice holes baffle scientists  and could sprinkling sand save the Arctic's shrinking sea ice?
There's rotten egg gas around planet Uranus (or as another headline read: Uranus smells of rotten eggs)
Models show how climate change intensifies droughts in Europe
And I bet it won;t be like this when I finally return for a proper holiday later next month! 'Cloudless' view of the Highlands captured from space.  But one can dream ...

21st April - Today's News: More European Heat Records Broken

20th April - Today's News: Record High April Temperatures in UK and Europe

As expected, yesterday smashed the date record and was the second highest temperature ever recorded in April as UK temperatures top 29C in hottest April day since 1949
It was a date record elsewhere too as Czech records highest temperature in 30 years and the hottest April 19th in Netherlands history as Europe sees hottest day of the year so far
And on a very different note, the army are called in to help as a giant plastic 'berg blocks Indonesian river

19th April - Today's News: "Remarkable" Winds Hit Colorado

17th April - Today's News: Ontario's Ice Storm

16th April - Today's News: Spring Storms Brings Record Snow to US Midwest

14th April - Today's News: London Goes a Week Without the Sun

13th April - Today's News: Storm Damages Taj Mahal

11th April - Today's News: Severe Storm Strikes Auckland

9th April - Today's News: Record April Heat in Australia

Sydney and Adelaide experience hottest April day on record with both cities recording over 35c
Winter weather tightens grip on parts of North America with some low overnight minima in parts of Canada
Yosemite Valley reopens after storm brought flooding to parts of Northern California
Cyclone Keni brings more fear to sodden Fiji households
The storm that wouldn't die!  Tropical Cyclone Iris could redevelop again, BoM warns
There's been a big increase in Antarctic snowfall compared with 200 years ago, especially in the West Antarctic peninsular.   This is what you'd expect with a warming atmosphere.   Despite this, the actual mass of ice on the continent is declining due to increased glacial melt.

7th April - Today's News: Flood Fears Close Yosemite