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30th Juky - Today's News: Deadly California Wildfire Continues to Grow

California fire: Deadly blazes continues to grow
Typhoon Jongdari: Japan storm cuts power to thousands
Huge golf ball-sized hailstones pummel Britain as heatwave gives rise to violent storms
In NI on Saturday storms cause flooding and disruption with nearly 100mm pf rain falling at Belfast airport Some welcome rain here over the weekend,  but not nearly enough to help with the deficit, especially with little forecast in the coming weeks. And anyway, it's the wrong type of rain! (quite true - especially with the ground parched and hard.  What we need is steady, constant, rain.  Not heavy deluges).  However, whilst tyhe River Wye could 'close' to businesses due to water levels the Avon still looks quite healthy. 
And another Indonesia earthquake: 14 dead after 6.4 quake hits tourist island of Lombok

28th July - Today's News: UK Heatwave Dramatically Ends (For Now)

Another date record yesterday with 34.7c recorded at Tibbenham, but not quite the July record that had been predicted.  But the heatwave comes to an end, for now, as finally... it's raining! Britons breathe sigh of relief as colossal storms bring 97F heatwave to dramatic climax.  Of course, no storms for Evesham.  But we did have 1mm of rain this morning with more to come over the weekend.   Before the heat starts building again next week. 
The rain came none to soon as wildfires ravage UK in Furnace Friday heat and homes set ablaze as 90,000 lightning bolts strike country
Lightning strikes cause rail chaos across East Coast whilst one (un)lucky mother's iPhone hit by lightning as she films summer storm and Hunstanton lighthouse damaged after getting struck by lightning
In the Netherlands, Thursday was the warmest night on record as the heatwave continues
And scientists suggest that climate change driven by humans made heatwave 'twice as likely' - but that does NOT mea…

27th July - Today's News: Flash Floods Hit Athens

Now Athens has been battered by flash flooding after wildfires killed 82
UK weather: Heatwave set to bring highs of 37C on hottest day of year - before lightning, flooding and hail - yesterday saw Wisley record a UK date record and highest temperature so far this year of 35.1c   Just 31.6c in my garden though.   Thunderstorms, hail and floods are not expected here, but we should get some much needed frontal rain over the weekend.   However, ‘everyone is laughing’: Australia reacts to British heatwave hysteria.  Of course, Aussies reach for their overcoats whenever the temperature drops below 25c.   So really the last laugh is on them.

So, is summer temperature 2018 – the ‘new normal’?
And meanwhile, the Netherland's national heatwave a fact; 15 records broken  and Germany swelters under heatwave - also recording its hottest day of the year yesterday.  In Denmark, after their 7th hottest night in history, national crisis group called in as drought crisis deepens
Raging NorCal wildfire…

26th July - Today's News: Water on Mars?

25th July - Today's News: Heatwave, Wildfires and Flash Floods Across US

24th July - Today's News: At Least 49 Dead in Greek Wildfires

Greece fires kill 49 as blazes rage out of control with more harrowing pictures as US drones hunt 'criminal' arsonists behind gale-driven Greek forest fires that left scores dead -
Japan heatwave declared natural disaster as death toll mounts
Laos dam collapse leaves several dead, hundreds missing after flood hits villages - overwhelmed by monsson rains 
Mystery gets murkier over cloud that turned day into night over parts of Siberia
How a slowdown of North Atlantic circulation rocked the climate of ancient northern Europe - causing cold spells amid the Eemian interglacial (which was, overall, warmer than today.  At least in northern Europe, anyway)
And after the hottest day of the year, so far, UK heatwave: Temperatures set to rise as alert continues  and whilst the weekend looks cooler, more extreme heat for the south looks likely yet again next week.

23rd July - Today's News: Japan's Hottest Day - 41.1c

21st July - Today's News: UK's Driest Start to Summer in Over 50 Years

It's been the driest start to summer on modern record (since 1961).  After a brief spell of light rain yesterday evening, Evesham has had 5.6mm of rain since the start of June.   And I know some places have seen less.
As the heatwave and drought continues in Scandinavia, wildfires rage in Lapland, more threaten Finland from the east whilst Sweden now fighting 50 wildfires as EU nations rush water bombers
Meanwhile, in Canada all eyes on weather as Okanagan wildfires continue to burn
'Duck boat' capsizes in storm in Missouri, killing 17 people including nine from one family
And dramatic video footage as a bush fire along Colorado River turns into a firenado before hitting the water and spouting out burning debris

20th July - Today's News: Tornadoes Sweep Across Iowa

Tornadoes sweep through Iowa, flattening buildings and forcing evacuation of a hospital
EU countries send aircraft to Sweden to help fight wildfires
The record breaking heatwave that is gripping northern Europe
Meanwhile, the Japaneseheat wave sparks fears for ’20 Games
In NSW, 'It's dire': farmers battle their worst drought in 100 years but earlier this week the Monday morning mercury drops below zero as cold snap grips eastern states with one place recording its coldest night on record.  Since 2002.  Overall, it's been quite a mild winter Down Under.   Worth reading the comments here (but keep your tinfoil hat firmly on your head!).  And today some incredible pictures show ski resorts blanketed in snow- though quite why the Daily Fail think pictures of mountain ski resorts blanketed in snow in mid winter are incredible beats me!
And a study concludes that the Cape Town drought was made three times more likely by global warming
Greenlanders return home as flooding alert …

19th July - Today's News: Why Nighttime Temperatures Around the World are Rising

18th July - Today's News: Record High Temperatures & Deadly Wildfires in Scandinavia

Record-breaking heat hits Norway, Finland and Sweden as Sweden asks for more EU water bombers to combat wildfires and Norway calls in military to relieve exhausted fire service as one dies fighting forest blaze - as in Britain, most of the fires have been started by wholly irresponsible morons lighting BBQs and campfires.
The MetO assess the summer so far across the UK 
The Scottish government promises water help for communities 'running dry' after heatwave - mind, I recall Highland burns running almost completely dry in summer '99 .... and whilst the article specifies NE and SW Scotland, it's in the Highlands where most rural properties take their water direct from a burn.  Though they have seen somewhat more rain there than most of us.
British couple hit by lightning during violent storm in France
Rare funnel cloud forms over New York harbor during violent Northeast storm
Hundreds of Arctic glaciers shrinking, disappearing into 'city of icebergs,' study says

17th July - Today's News: Meteo-tsunami Swamps Balearic Islands

Tsunami hits Majorca and Menorca flooding shops and restaurants
Here, millions to face hosepipe ban in north-west England - although ironically NW England was amongtst places that did get some decent rain yesterday.  In the south though, at best just enough to dampen the ground and nothing forecast in the foreseeable future.  And the BBC has more pictures of the hidden landscapes the heatwave is revealing
In the US, flash flooding wreaked havoc from Georgia to Utah over the weekend
Heatwave blankets much of Japan, killing 14 people over long weekend
Typhoon signal upgraded to No 3 as Tropical Storm Son-Tinh edges closer to Hong Kong
Just as well the football's finished as heavy rain damages Russian World Cup stadium
When volcanos attack: Kilauea volcano: 'Lava bomb' injures 23 on Hawaii boat
How thawing permafrost microbiomes fuel climate change
And lift-off for Scotland: Sutherland to host first UK spaceport on the remote A'Mhoine peninsular between Durness and Tongue. …

16th July - Today's News: European Heatwave Impacts Farmers

14th July - Today's News: Rain Falls in Evesham ... Just.

Well, we managed 1mm of rain yesterday - so the absolute drought is over but it's really made much difference ....   Nothing much forecast in the next few days at least.   No storms, of course, though I hear Worcester had one.

'Training thunderstorms' made Japan's floods even deadlier

China floods wreak havoc, block roads and railways; more rain due

Huge iceberg threatens Greenland village

And here's five places that have just broken heat records

13th July - Today's News: Drought Reveals New Archaeological Sites Across British Isles

11th July - Today's News: Wild Boars Freed

10th July - Today's News: Japan Flood Toll Rises to Over 150

9th July - Today's News: Millions Evacuated, Over 80 Now Dead, in Japanese Floods

7th July - Today's News: 27 Dead, Many Missing As Heavy Rain Pounds Japan

 Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated as heavy rain hits wide areas of Japan with the latest being that there are at least 27 dead, over 50 missing as heavy rain hits southwestern Japan.  Yanasa in Umaji village, Kochi Prefecture, saw 1,132 millimeters of rain in 72 hours, which is double the total amount that usually falls in the month of July, according to NHK.  Or nearly twice as much as normally fallls in Evesham in a whole year.
The latest UK heatwave news is that three million homes could be hit with a hosepipe ban within days as soaring demand (and 91F temperatures) cause reservoir levels to plummet
But spare a thought for our Atlantic neighbours: Iceland is having the worst summer for 100 years – is Britain’s heatwave to blame?
There have now been at least 54 heat-related deaths in Quebec as hot spell comes to an end
And records broken as heat wave bakes Southern California

6th July - Today's News: Flash Flood in Tunbridge Wells

UK heatwave: Photos show dramatic impact on River Teme - this comes after yesterday saw the highest temperatures of the year locally; 30.8c at Pershore and 32.1c in my garden.   However there were thunderstorms in the SE where Tunbridge Wells recovers after flash flooding
However, the Met Office issue an update on a record breaking June - the Scottish record temperature recorded at Strathclyde Park has been ruled invalid due to a nearlby parked vehicle.  The exact location of the weather station remains a bit of a mystery though as no-one can find it on Google Earth, at least, not where the official coordinates indicate it to be!
Hail storm in France left 1 dead, dozens injured after extensive damage
The  blistering heat wave blamed for 33 deaths in Quebec
As the first of the season's dust storm rolls through Phoenix area; high temp hits 115 degrees 
 More landslide, flood warnings as heavy rain lashes wide area of Japan
Namibian port of Walvis Bay hit by sand storm
Heat wave break…

5th July - Today's News: 18 Dead in Quebec Heatwave

4th July - Today's News: Record High Temperatures Recorded Around the Globe

It's a red-hot planet: All-time heat records have been set all over the world during the past week
In the UK Heatwave: Welsh dairy farmers 'fighting to survive' as the UK battles double crisis as taps run dry forcing schools to shut while raging fires devastate countryside amid searing heatwave - one of the latest fires being in the Malverns.   But there are signs we may see a change in the weather - though sadly no thundery breakdown - around mid-month - just in time for the school holidays!   But I have a feeling it'll be short lived.
Meanwhile there's a 'rise' in horsefly bites in Scotland amid warm weather - whilst down here I am covered in mozzie bites ....
And in Ireland, with 16 hours of sun and 32 degree days - this heatwave is a record-breaker
Six die in Montreal as heat wave grips eastern Canada
On man dies amid hailstones, thunderstorms and flash floods in northern Italy
In Pakistan, at least eight dead as over 280mm of rain sweeps away Lahore mu…

3rd July - Today's News: Driest and Hottest Ever June in Parts of UK

Latest model output suggests the heatwave to continue for another two weeks at the least, and beyond that Met Office forecasts indicate reasonable confidence similar conditions persisting into August for the south.....   There may be the odd day with temperatures dropping to the low 20s (ie, nearer normal) and maybe the occasional thunderstorm.  But warm, dry and settled is the theme for the foreseeable future.  Whilst we have had hotter spells, it's been a very long time since we've seen such a long heatwave; bearing in mind too that May and June were both very warm months.  Indeed, sunny June hottest on record for Northern Ireland and Wales and as more data comes in, it looks like Scotland 'breaks temperature record' last Thursday (as was predicted).  And with so little rain the relentless heatwave transforms reservoir banks into arid deserts across the country.
In Snowdonia, evacuation threat eases over Bethesda forest fire as there's a hot weather warnings fo…

2nd July - Today's News: A Heatwave in North America Too