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31st May - Today's News: 16 Killed by Moscow Storm

The deadliest storm in more than 100 years mauls Moscow on Monday, with 16 people killed and over 160 injured Violent storm sweeps across south east of England on Sunday night, but here in Evesham there's yet to be a single flash of lightning or rumble of thunder this year. Woman killed by lightning strike while cycling in west Germany Deadly Cyclone Mora hits Bangladesh with high winds and rain Lightning and thunderstorms kill 29 in India's Bihar Death toll in Sri Lanka mudslides, floods climbs past 200 South Florida sets new record for highest temperature in May Australia's Great Barrier reef suffers huge coral loss In NZ, ancient palaeotsunami mapped all the way back to the prehistoric era 'Halos' discovered on Mars widen time frame for potential life And scientists uncover a cause for early 20th century Arctic warming

27th May - Today's News: Scores Dead as Monsoon Triggers Sri Lanka Mudslides

Sri Lanka floods: Scores die as monsoon triggers mudslides Lots of thunder and lightning in the SW, parts of Wales and the South and SE this morning as thunderstorms strike South Coast - and here are some of the best pictures of Plymouth's unforgettable lightning storm .  Nothing heard or seen in Evesham, of course, with just 0.5mm of rain ....   Thunder drought for 2017 continues.  Lossiemouth was the hottest place in Britain yesterday, and the hottest place this year with 29.4c.  There's still a small chance we could see higher temps today but after that it should turn a bit more pleasant .... Toronto braces for more rain with Lake Ontario at record-breaking levels NZ drivers rescued after flooding in Bay of Plenty In Greenland, the melting glacier that released a 6.7 gigaton 'megawave' of water so strong it warped the Earth's crust And solar power breaks UK records thanks to sunny weather - I like solar power because a) it's not

26th May - Today's News: Heatwave Hits Britain & Ireland

Malin Head records hottest May day as temperatures soar over 25 degrees whilst in Scotland more record-breaking temperatures recorded in the north-east as heatwave hits with Aboyne recording Scotland's highest temperature this year, 28c.  It was 27c in Pershore. And it could be even hotter today. But much hotter in the Indian heatwave where Bilaspur records highest 49.3 degree celsius temperature In Chhattisgarh Crews clean up after powerful storm rips through Alberta’s capital America could be hit by four major hurricanes say NOAA as it predicts 'above average' storm season And Juno peers below Jupiter's clouds

23rd May - Today's News: NOAA Confirm 2nd Warmest April & Year to Date

Rain brings relief to China's parched grain fields South Africa's Western Cape declares drought disaster Controversy surrounds Everest's Hillary Step: Has it gone or not? Decoding Antarctica's response to a warming world The hottest place on Earth revealed: Researchers find lava deep in the planet's mantle nears 1,600 degrees Celsius And just for a laugh, as the usual suspects predict a 100 day heatwave and the highest temperatures since WWII,  I see that Piers Corbyn has warned that the "mini-ice age is here to stay" .   This also comes as NOAA confirm the globe had 2nd warmest April and year to date on record

20th May - Today's News: Melting Permafrost Floods "Doomsday" Vault

Had a surprise hail storm yesterday evening, which formed unexpectedly right over the town.  Not much rain though.  But elsewhere torrential downpours leaves vans submerged on a flooded road as Britain prepares for a wet weekend blighted by thundery showers .  Looking dry and quite warm next week though, and maybe some high temps and thunderstorms next weekend ....  Winter Storm Valerie wreaks havoc in Rockies As the US enters peak tornado season, expert reveals when and where they're most likely to occur - and how climate change could be causing patterns to shift The vast Georgia wildfire sputters, stalls for days after rain  Fish seem to rain from clouds at California elementary school Europe on high flood alert as some countries face severe rain threat Greece battles locust plague on Agios Efstratios island Heatwave grips northern China India's heatwave claims 167 lives in Telangana Experts warn rising sea levels will double

19th May - Today's News: Record Rainfall Hits Queensland Coast

Brisbane rain: Big wet tracking down coast to south-east Queensland, BOM says with some places recording record May totals  NZ sees gusts of up to 163kmh whip through deep south as first Antarctic blast of year grabs hold In Colorado,  Boulder receives 5.3 inches of snow, 38 near Ward in late-season storm This week's heavy rain boosts rainfall totals for Southern England WMO determines highest death tolls from tropical cyclones, tornadoes, lightning and hailstorms  and no surprise to see the "Great Bhola Cyclone" that hit Bangladesh in 1970 top the list. Antarctic has seen widespread change in last 50 years, moss study reveals Space weather events linked to human activity History of Titan's landscape resembles that of Mars, not Earth And how hard did it rain on Mars?

17th May - Tioday's News: Welcome Rain for SE England

After the highest temperatures of the year so far was recorded in Gravesend yesterday (most places didn't see a "heatwave" though, even for one day) washout Wednesday is expected to bring two inches of rain today - but again only towards ther SE.  Though looks like steady rain all day here.  Further north and west mostly dry ....  Farmers will be happy. And not just wet here as heavy rain set to drench Australia's east coast, flood warnings issued A heat wave heads for eastern U.S. as snow targets West Deadly tornadoes rip through Wisconsin and Oklahoma, killing two and destroying more than a hundred homes A cloud 'tide' fills the Grand Canyon in gorgeous time-lapse video Last month was the world's second warmest April ever recorded, NASA reveals Satellites spot surging glacier in the Arctic moving at 13 metres a day for the first time since the 1930s Study reveal the full extent of vast volcanic eruptions caused b

16th May - Today's News: Record May Snow on Mount Washington

In New England,  Mt. Washington gets record snowfall as Mass. prepares for heat Only autumn, but winter-like temperatures in store as snow coats southern New Zealand And some great pics and videos from the snow and storms across SA this weekend UK faces sharp rise in destructive wind storms due to global warming - according to an insurance association study Bangkok city roads flooded after torrential overnight rain Out in the midst of the Pacific, as far from industry as you can possibly get .....  but this remote island has 'world's worst' plastic rubbish density .....   Deadly earthquake hits Iran's North Khorasan province on Saturday A warning that Itay's Campi Flegrei Volcano eruption possibly closer than thought Dinosaur asteroid hit 'worst possible place' And the UK Met Office forecasts weather on Proxima B — 4 light years away

15th May - Today's News: Nottinghamshire Tornado & Shopshire Dust Devil

'The barbecue went through the air': Notts tornado causes havoc Incredible moment a 15ft high dust devil spins like a torndao through industrial park in Shropshire Up to 20cm of Mother’s Day snow greets mums in eastern Finland One woman dead in wildfire near Corinth , Greece Tropical Cyclone Ella spares Fiji Islands after putting Futuna in lockdown Thunderstorms pelt Oman's mountainous east And experts rush to huge midge swarm at Loch Leven - they might claim to be non biting, but I'm not sure I'd want to take the chance!   This is what happens when we have a mild, dry winter.  Biting midges could be pretty bad this summer ....

13th May - Today's News: Lack of Rain Causes Concerns in SE England

A useful 7.2mm of rain here yesterday - that's more than for the whole of April.  And we missed some of the heavier stuff.   However, overall it's still another dry month with households in South East England told to use water wisely May brings snow to Russian streets and Instagrams Surprisingly, a lack of dust makes China's air pollution much worse Why different places warm at different paces And ancient Mars impacts created tornado-like winds that scoured surface

11th May - Today's News: Colorado Hail Storm

Colorado storm drops baseball-sized hail on Monday Heavy rain expected to worsen flooding in B.C. Interior In NZ, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne brace for May deluge as the remnants of Cyclone Donna approach Zanzibar floods close schools whilst in neighbouring Kenya the death toll rises in Mombasa with more heavy rains predicted Heavy storm in Rajasthan collapses wall of marriage hall leaving 23 dead, 27 injured Waves of lava seen in Jupiter's moon Io's largest volcanic crater And how do snowflakes form? Chemist sees ice crystal formation in new light Death toll rises in Mombasa with more heavy rains predicted Read more at: Death toll rises in Mombasa with more heavy rains predicted Read more at:

10th May - Today's News: Evacuations as Georgia Wildfire Worsens

Wildfire on Florida/Georgia border worsens, evacuations ordered  Incredible footage shows scale of massive forest fire raging in Galway and in NI, at least,  most gorse fires 'started deliberately' .   Meanwhile Britain's trout population 'on a knife edge' as weeks of dry weather drains rivers to historic low level .  And Edinburgh ‘driest place in UK’ with least rain in April .  The good news is that some rain is expected tomorrow and Friday.  Tropical Storm Adrian forms; Eastern Pacific off to a record-early start Larger swaths of tropical forest being lost to commercial agriculture - well, we do need cheap soya and palm oil.  Right?  NASA reveals stunning Cassini image of 'intensely bright' methane clouds streaking across Titan Oldest evidence of life on land found in 3.48 billion-year-old Australian rocks - and out of those 3,480,000,000 years during which there has been life on this planet, life capable of  transmitt

9th May - Today's News: Four Feared Dead in Canadian Floods

Four feared dead in British Columbia and Quebec floods as dramatic images capture devastating floods from coast to coast ‘Out of control’ Galway fire threatens Ireland’s largest wind farm Meanwhile, in the US, West Mims fire continues rapid growth in South Georgia; more than 100 wildfires burn across Florida And whilst here it was a vfery dry month indeed, in the US, records reveal second wettest month on record Snow in May? Arctic winds ruin spring for Sweden Roll clouds in the Pennines: 'Concorde' cloud forms over Ribblehead viaduct whilst a few days earlier the "helm wind" results in a stunning and unusual cloud sighted in Cumbria - and it even appears on satellite Cyclone Donna weakening, new cyclone on horizon of Fiji In Pakistan heatwave intensifies amid power outages and across the border in India heat wave sweeps Punjab, Haryana; Narnaul sizzles at 45.5 degrees Celsius A study concludes growth of East Antarctic Ice Sh

8th May - Today's News: State of Emergency Declared As Floods Hit Montreal

State of emergency declared in Montreal over flooding whilst two men still missing as water levels, flooding subside in B.C . and in the US, Mississippi River cresting in flood-hit Illinois, southern Missouri Wildfire ravages more than 11,000 acres across southern Georgia in just two days forcing evacuation of at least 79 people Nearly 400 birds killed after flying into Texas skyscraper in storm Winter weather pounds SoCal with hail, lightning, snow Vanuatu feeling the force of severe Tropical Cyclone Donna at the weekend as Tropical Cyclone Donna becomes Category 5 storm, worst May storm on record in South Pacific Households in southern England urged to save water after dry winter whilst the continuing dry weather excerbates the British and Irish "wildfire season" as crews tackle wildfires in Lochaber and Sutherland and firefighters tackle large wildfire near West Calder whilst in Eire fire units battling wild fires across Sligo mountains .

6th May - Today's News: Canada Braces for Floods

Quebec calls in army as Central, Eastern Canada brace for floods Move over, California: Florida has the USA's worst drought at the moment Cairngorms beach goes from snow to summer glow in days - showing the wonderful variety of the British climate Fascinating drone footage captures diggers and snowploughs cutting through huge walls of snow to unearth a Norwegian mountain pass lost over the winter In the Pacific, Cyclone Donna upgraded to category four storm  Argentine climber rescued off Mt Logan after quake and avalanche Israel enters fourth consecutive drought year The UAE plans to drag an iceberg from Antarctica to provide drinking water for millions Decades of data on world's oceans reveal a troubling oxygen decline And the 'watercolor world' of Saturn revealed in stunning new NASA image

4th May - Today's News: Huge Dust Storm Blankets Part of China

A huge dust storm chokes Beijing and northern China Missouri residents urged to evacuate as flooding threatens levee breach, shuts down vital waterway - and more rain is expected A brief heat wave in Iceland brings temperatures only a couple of degrees below the highest recorded all last year Cyclone Donna: Immediate storm threat to Vanuatu, possible rain threat to NZ next week A good assessment here of the Ice Age that never happened and why some climate scientists got their predictions wrong in the 70s because they didn't know nearly as much as we do today (and still less than we may know tomorrow, of course) Earthquakes and storms leave climber stranded on Canada's highest peak Hawaii: How the world's biggest volcanoes formed Global warming 'hiatus' doesn't change long term climate predictions – study Is the climate consensus 97%, 99.9%, or is plate tectonics a hoax? The Earth sank twice, flooding the Easter

3rd May - Today's News: Survival Stories from Deadly US Tornadoes

Eye witness acoounts and survival stories from the weekend's US tornadoes: Texas woman survives deadly Canton tornado by sheltering inside destroyed car dealership - worth noting that the first people on the scene to help her were storm chasers.  Elsewhere in Canton, another storm chaser captures tragic impacts of deadly Texas tornado .   And another tornado destroys Dallas church but leaves every  one of the 45 parishioners inside miraculously unharmed 'It's like war' - as wildfires rage across Siberia and the Russian Far East Antarctic ice rift spreads on the Larsen C ice shelf Kiama astrophotographer captures rare space lightning, meteors and Aurora Australis in one night A warning that Earthquakes can make thrust faults open violently and snap shut - just like in some movies And this is interesting. NASA reveals 'remarkably similar' planetary system just 10.5 light years away from Earth .  Many, many, years ago I was convinced

2nd May - Today's News: 18 Dead in US Tornadoes, Floods

Death toll rises to 18 in Midwest, South storms and flooding whilst an unsually active spring blizzard hits Kansas and Oklahoma And in the central US, warnings today that more rivers to swell to major or record flood stage this week Here, April was my driest month on record (from 2007) - and we had almost as much rain again on 1st May alone, indeed, some places I think had quite a bit more rain yesterday than in the whole of April. The great stink: parts of New Zealand still 'putrid' after raft of floods  Down in Argentina, parts of Welsh Patagonia have been left devastated by the worst rain in four decades Ice cave in Transylvania reveals how Europe's weather has changed during the last 10,000 years - but no vampires And how Antarctica's troublesome 'hairdryer winds' increase ice melt