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31st May - Today's News: 16 Killed by Moscow Storm

27th May - Today's News: Scores Dead as Monsoon Triggers Sri Lanka Mudslides

Sri Lanka floods: Scores die as monsoon triggers mudslides
Lots of thunder and lightning in the SW, parts of Wales and the South and SE this morning as thunderstorms strike South Coast - and here are some of the best pictures of Plymouth's unforgettable lightning storm.  Nothing heard or seen in Evesham, of course, with just 0.5mm of rain ....   Thunder drought for 2017 continues.  Lossiemouth was the hottest place in Britain yesterday, and the hottest place this year with 29.4c.  There's still a small chance we could see higher temps today but after that it should turn a bit more pleasant ....
Toronto braces for more rain with Lake Ontario at record-breaking levels
NZ drivers rescued after flooding in Bay of Plenty
In Greenland, the melting glacier that released a 6.7 gigaton 'megawave' of water so strong it warped the Earth's crust
And solar power breaks UK records thanks to sunny weather - I like solar power because a) it's not so intrusive as wind turbines a…

26th May - Today's News: Heatwave Hits Britain & Ireland

23rd May - Today's News: NOAA Confirm 2nd Warmest April & Year to Date

20th May - Today's News: Melting Permafrost Floods "Doomsday" Vault

19th May - Today's News: Record Rainfall Hits Queensland Coast

17th May - Tioday's News: Welcome Rain for SE England

16th May - Today's News: Record May Snow on Mount Washington

15th May - Today's News: Nottinghamshire Tornado & Shopshire Dust Devil

13th May - Today's News: Lack of Rain Causes Concerns in SE England

A useful 7.2mm of rain here yesterday - that's more than for the whole of April.  And we missed some of the heavier stuff.   However, overall it's still another dry month with households in South East England told to use water wisely
May brings snow to Russian streets and Instagrams
Surprisingly, a lack of dust makes China's air pollution much worse
Why different places warm at different paces

And ancient Mars impacts created tornado-like winds that scoured surface

11th May - Today's News: Colorado Hail Storm

10th May - Today's News: Evacuations as Georgia Wildfire Worsens

9th May - Today's News: Four Feared Dead in Canadian Floods

8th May - Today's News: State of Emergency Declared As Floods Hit Montreal

6th May - Today's News: Canada Braces for Floods

4th May - Today's News: Huge Dust Storm Blankets Part of China

3rd May - Today's News: Survival Stories from Deadly US Tornadoes

2nd May - Today's News: 18 Dead in US Tornadoes, Floods

Death toll rises to 18 in Midwest, South storms and flooding whilst an unsually active spring blizzard hits Kansas and Oklahoma
And in the central US, warnings today that more rivers to swell to major or record flood stage this week
Here, April was my driest month on record (from 2007) - and we had almost as much rain again on 1st May alone, indeed, some places I think had quite a bit more rain yesterday than in the whole of April.
The great stink: parts of New Zealand still 'putrid' after raft of floods 
Down in Argentina, parts of Welsh Patagonia have been left devastated by the worst rain in four decades
Ice cave in Transylvania reveals how Europe's weather has changed during the last 10,000 years - but no vampires
And how Antarctica's troublesome 'hairdryer winds' increase ice melt