27th May - Today's News: Scores Dead as Monsoon Triggers Sri Lanka Mudslides

Lots of thunder and lightning in the SW, parts of Wales and the South and SE this morning as thunderstorms strike South Coast - and here are some of the best pictures of Plymouth's unforgettable lightning storm.  Nothing heard or seen in Evesham, of course, with just 0.5mm of rain ....   Thunder drought for 2017 continues.  Lossiemouth was the hottest place in Britain yesterday, and the hottest place this year with 29.4c.  There's still a small chance we could see higher temps today but after that it should turn a bit more pleasant ....

And solar power breaks UK records thanks to sunny weather - I like solar power because a) it's not so intrusive as wind turbines and b) farms tend not to be built in the remotes, wildest, possible locations, but rather, closer to where the electricity they generate is needed.


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