3rd May - Today's News: Survival Stories from Deadly US Tornadoes

Eye witness acoounts and survival stories from the weekend's US tornadoes: Texas woman survives deadly Canton tornado by sheltering inside destroyed car dealership - worth noting that the first people on the scene to help her were storm chasers.  Elsewhere in Canton, another storm chaser captures tragic impacts of deadly Texas tornado.   And another tornado destroys Dallas church but leaves every  one of the 45 parishioners inside miraculously unharmed

Antarctic ice rift spreads on the Larsen C ice shelf

A warning that Earthquakes can make thrust faults open violently and snap shut - just like in some movies

And this is interesting. NASA reveals 'remarkably similar' planetary system just 10.5 light years away from Earth.  Many, many, years ago I was convinced that I read somewhere about a planetary system around that same star - but I could never find where. And this was before we had the means of detecting any such planets ....   Maybe it was just in a sci-fi story.   But I have a suspicion that if there is a close Earth-like, inhabited, world, this is where we will find it.  Epsilon Eridani is not as old as our sun though - I am not expecting Vulcans!

Closer to home, Nasa reveals the first unsettling sounds of the void between Saturn and its rings


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