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30th April - Today's News: Fen Blow Hits Farmers

29th April - Tiday's News: Rain & Hail in Arabia

No respite as more rain forecast across the UAE whilst Saudi city covered by snow following unrelenting weather - actually, it's hailstones.
Roof of Sugar Land food mart collapses during severe weather in Houston area - accumulated rain being blamed
Taiwanese lawmakers to mull weather act which would allow private companies to issue severe weather warnings.  At present the likes of Piers Corbyn can issue general forecasts, but not for typhoons,  thunderfloods and tornadoes.

27th April - Today's News: Weather Impacts on Fish Stock

26th April - Today's News: Earthquake, Floods, Hail Kill in Afghanistan

24th April - Today's News: UK CO2 Emissions Rising

Bad weather causing Lincolnshire beaches to become graveyards
Finnish flood situation fluid in the west; more rain in forecast whilst Sweden's spring floods look set to intensify
In the US Midwest, flood victims pray for dry weather as rivers crest as last week's rain left a giant Chicago sinhole at least 20 feet deep.
Whilst record-shattering April cold and snow stun Rockies, north central US
Another 6.2 magnitude earthquake felt across Pakistan

And UK CO2 emissions rising, government advisers warn - so why not accept the inevitable, put an end to punative measures aimed at curbing CO2 emissions, and concentrate our efforts on measures which can reduce other human impacts on climate, both here and abroad, as well planning for the inevitablity of life in a globally warmer world?

23rd April - Today's News: East African Floods

22nd April - Today's News: Warning of Bad Hay Fever Season Ahead

20th April - Today's News: Many Dead in Sichuan Earthquake

We seem to be suffering quite a few damaging earthquakes at the moment (btw I tend to only post links to those which are destructive and/or in a less usual area)   Scores dead after strong quake hits China with live updates from China Daily here.   And more details emerging from the remote corner of Pakistan flattened by an earthquake earlier this week.
In NZ, streets floods as heavy rain falls across North Island
Tropical storm wreaks havoc over Dominica
And did life exist before Earth? Researchers calculate it began 10 billion years ago - predating our planet - though it's all very hypothetical

19th April - Today's News: Welsh Wild Pony Herd Decimated by Weather

17th April - Today's News: Sandstorms Hit Scotland

'Sandstorms' hit parts of Scotland amid high winds with more pictures from The Sun.    And earlier this month there were problems further down the coast in Lincolnshire as well where clearing coastal sand drifting 'remains a priority'
Major earthquake strikes south-east Iran with Pakistani troops in rescue effort after Iran quake -  although the largest to hit Iran in recent years, it was a fairly deep quake so damage is hopefully not as bad as it could have been.
Winter snowstorm dumps on Northern Plains as winter refuses to exit parts of the USA whilst in Canada, spring snowstorm tests patience, worsens flood outlook.
Study backs 'hobbit' island dwarfism theory - but controversy remains on just who their ancestors were.
Research aims to settled debate over origin of Yellowstone volcano

An update on the comet to make close flyby of Red Planet in October 2014 - it currently looks unlikely to impact Mars, which in a way is a shame as it'd be a spectacular sight!


16th April - Today's News: Which Forecaster Should be 'Sued' for Wrongly Forecasting Easter Snow?

Dan yr Ogof caves boss looks at suing weather forecasters - claiming that 'they' wrongly forecast snow for South Wales at Easter.  They didn't.  Well, not the Met Office nor any other real forecasters.   So who did?   Step forward Mr Piers Corbyn ..... “We confirm our warning that this (29 Mar-1Apr) will be (85% confidence) the worst Easter break for decades in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe in terms of travel disruption and general discomfort.
Strong biting wintry winds, snow and blizzards are expected to blast across most of the UK and Ireland in two waves during the 4 day Easter Break with heavy rain or sleet in South and West parts at times.
The snow depths which could be 6 inches to a foot with drifting of feet in places will be about double the estimates of standard TV forecasts from a day or so ahead.
Brighter, less windy, but still cold weather is likely later on Mon 1 April.
Most of Scotland will probably be brighter with less snow than other parts.” http://www.w…

15th April - Today's News: First 20c+ of Year in Britain

Warmest day of the year yesterday with 22c in Gravesend and 18.4c in Evesham - though here at least it was quite breezy, cloudy and with rain in the afternoon.  So not quite as springlike as some would have hoped.  Spring limps in at long last, but will the season bring birds, bees and blossom?
Warm in the Alps too where avalanches kill four after thaw
Meanwhile, British firms count damage done by cold March weather
New insight into accelerating summer ice melt on the Antarctic Peninsular - it's higher now than any time in the past 1,000 years, including the MWP, and is increasing at a faster rate than any time in that period to boot.   However, across the West Antarctic ice sheet (which is not the same thing!!!!)  recent Antarctic climate, glacier change at the 'upper bound' of normal -  similar levels of warming/melt have occurred before.   In other words, the main bulk of Antarctica is not yet showing signs of being affected by AGW in the way that the Antarctic Peninsul…

13th April - Today's News: Daily Mail Apologies for Lying about Snow

The Daily Mail issues apology after publication of York Minster snow picture:  the picture, published in February this year was actually taken in 2010.   Another case of the media deliberately lying to the public.  At least this time they were caught - but I don't think an apology is enough.   Maybe a punitive fine - say £1m - all going to charity?  They might think twice then about their responsibilities?
Snow my God!  Breathtaking aerial snaps of the Mourne Mountain
Storm blankets Montreal with unwelcome ice and slush whilst elsewhere in Canada, rainfall records set in Chatham-Kent
Arctic nearly free of summer sea ice during first half of 21st century, experts predict
Are airplane passengers exposed to radiation from intense bursts of gamma-rays from thunderclouds?
24 injured after M6.3 earthquake hits western Japan
Saturn's rings 'showering' on its atmosphere  whilst ice cloud heralds fall at Titan's south pole (that's fall as in autumn)

12th April - Today's News: Spring Storm Kills 3 in US Midwest

Three die in US Midwest spring storm packing ice, snow, tornadoes with more pictures from the Daily Mail  as tornado strikes Mississippi killing one as severe weather sweeps across the nation

But they're perhaps praying for drought in Maryland as Govenor imposes tax on rain
More floods in Argentina as heavy downpours flood Santa Fe's capital
Climate change did not cause 2012 US drought, says government report - but it acknowledges it was caused by the jet stream being much further north than usual .......  The actual report can be downloaded here - but both the full report and the summary are poorly produced and in places are effectively impossible to read .....  The conclusion appears to be that the drought had no significant direct cause and was just 'one of those things'.

Meanwhile if anyone still doubted that fundamentalist bronze age religious beliefs were behind climate change denial, US congressman cites biblical flood to dispute human link to climate change

And …

10th April - Today's News: Dozens Killed in Iran Earthquake

Dozens killed and hundreds injured as earthquake hits near Iran's nuclear city Bushehr  More pictures here as dozens of aftershocks follow deadly earthquake
US spring storms crawls eastwards as snow, freezing rain cancel flights, knocks out power
Extreme heatwave hits parts of Bangladesh
I wouldn't normally consider Pravda as a reliable news source, but this seems a fairly accurate explanation of how sudden stratospheric warming - and not anything daft like the Gulf Stream stopping - caused continuing wintry weather across much of Europe - and unsual warmth in southern Siberia - as  spring is shifted north by polar cyclone.   And as it also rightly points out, such unusual weather is actually not all that unusual.

Contrary to this finding, British scientists say fracking 'not significant' cause of large earthquakes - or by significant and large do they mean it's not as significant as plate tectonics in causing massive, catastrophic quakes? 

And charities want more N…

9th April - Today's News: A Warmer World Means More Rain

A warming world will further intensify extreme precipitation events, research shows.  The reasoning being quite simple: a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture, more moisture means more precipitation.   And that includes winter snow as well as summer rain.   However, this study doesn't appear to take into account precipitation pattern change wrought by deforestation, urbanisation and other land use change - so we may not necessarily see so many regions receive more rain.
Ewe and lamb found alive under nine feet of snow in Llanfairfechan
In the US, spring storm moves east, bringing snow to Colorado
Floods sweep across Russian regions, people evacuated
The Czech Republic's smog situation worse this winter than last
Climate change will threaten wine production, study shows - though it has to be said we're already producing very high quality wines in southern England.   And if you're flying out to a vineyard, be warned climate change will lead to bumpier flights as we…

8th April - Today's News: Nearly 6,000 Animals Killed by NI Snow

6th April - Today's News: Cold Hits British Crops

Britain's crops suffer in spring cold snap
Firefighters extinguish wildfires on Skye
Another summer of drought looms for Texas and West
After Taiwan's driest spring in 58 years, water rationing to stay: WRA
No let-up in heatwave conditions in Hyderabad Karnataka
Paranoia and fear of litigation in the wake of the prison sentences given to scientists who downplayed the likelihood of a damaging Italian earthquake: that's why evacuate for an earthquake no-one can feel?
And astronomers anticipate 100 billion Earth-like planets - and that's just in one galaxy ........   makes the odds of simple chance leading to the evolution of advanced life rather more likely than creationists would have you believe!   And on that note: how life may have first emerged on Earth: foldable proteins in a high salt environment

5th April - Today's News: Over 50 Killed in Argentine Floods

Argentina floods 'catastrophe' for La Plata, Buenos Aires with latest reports suggesting death toll from Argentine floods hits 57 after over 300mm of rain fell in just a few hours earlier this week.  Some more pictures here.

In Britain, snow flurries hit south as cold weather refuses to lift - we even had some very light snow in Evesham yesterday morning, though nothing like we saw in April 2008

Meanwhile the wildfire season spreads: snow-hit Cumbria faces grass fires whilst Facebook used to fight grass fires in north Wales.   And in Scotland fears for golden eagle nests as wildfires sweep Highlands although some good news today as last of 200 Highland land fires extinguished.  For now.   It's not often I issue a wildfire warning as part of my weekly weather forecast.

And just when you thought it was wet, wet, wet Severn Trent water advice follows dry start to the year ......  It has indeed been another dry start, though not nearly as dry as recent years and there is still pl…

3rd April - Today's News: March 2nd Coldest on Record in UK

Official data now in from Met Office and it's confirmed that March is joint second coldest on record - that's for the UK as a whole.   In the CET series it's the joint 12th coldest and colder than any March since the 19th century.  All in all a very remarkable month.   But I wouldn't at all be surprised if we see a record breaking warm month now, before the year is out.  BBQ summer at last?  Maybe ....
Cold winter: winners and losers from the long winter - not many winners!   And it's not over yet, although yesterday saw the temperature almost reach double figures in my garden (and quite pleasant it was in the sunshine) overnight frosts continue and there's more snow expected in the SE tonight ......
And March was coldest on record in many parts of Ireland as well.
But cold March not a record breaker in Finland
Snowstorm a cruel joke for Muscovites on April Fool's Day with now, Moscow swimming as record snowfall melts
Meanwhile, in contrast,  NZ sweltered in…

2nd April - Today's News: Britain's Coldest Easter

March ended up my coldest month since December 2010 and needless to say the coldest in my records which only go back to 2003.   Across the country Mad March was the coldest for 51 years whilst Easter Sunday coldest on record.   In Ireland, record breaking weather resulted in Armagh Observatory recording its coldest March for 111 years.
Body found in search for skier Daniel Maddox in Glencoe after he was caught in a large avalanche at the weekend whilst in Wales, 'lucky' walker, 21, airlifted after 1,000ft Snowdon fall - one of  numerous incidents over Easter.

Ski fans hit Ulster slopes for fun in snow

Welsh hill farmers reel as melting snow reveals carcasses of ewes and  lambs
But the cold weather has some uses as snow survey uncovers prehistoric sites in Wales
Meanwhile, huge hill fire tackled near Fort William in the Highlands as the dry conditions continue
And tragedy strikes as German flea circus hit by freeze
Heavy snow knocks out power to 100,000 in Poland
And Moscow to see…