16th April - Today's News: Which Forecaster Should be 'Sued' for Wrongly Forecasting Easter Snow?

Dan yr Ogof caves boss looks at suing weather forecasters - claiming that 'they' wrongly forecast snow for South Wales at Easter.  They didn't.  Well, not the Met Office nor any other real forecasters.   So who did?   Step forward Mr Piers Corbyn .....
“We confirm our warning that this (29 Mar-1Apr) will be (85% confidence) the worst Easter break for decades in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe in terms of travel disruption and general discomfort.
Strong biting wintry winds, snow and blizzards are expected to blast across most of the UK and Ireland in two waves during the 4 day Easter Break with heavy rain or sleet in South and West parts at times.
The snow depths which could be 6 inches to a foot with drifting of feet in places will be about double the estimates of standard TV forecasts from a day or so ahead.
Brighter, less windy, but still cold weather is likely later on Mon 1 April.
Most of Scotland will probably be brighter with less snow than other parts.”

Oops ......

For the record, my mountain forecast for Easter is here

Of course, really Mr Price is just looking at some free publicity - Easter would have been poor due to the very cold weather (as forecast) and the fact that many roads in Wales had been blocked by snow just a few days before.   Interesting to see Mr Turner comment again though - he was the guy who last year complained that despite everywhere else getting heavy rain and hail, as forecast, his back garden missed out - meaning in his opinion the forecast was wrong.....   Some of Price's other comments suggest he subscribes to the same view: that every forecast is specific to his location.  Idiot.

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