15th April - Today's News: First 20c+ of Year in Britain

Warmest day of the year yesterday with 22c in Gravesend and 18.4c in Evesham - though here at least it was quite breezy, cloudy and with rain in the afternoon.  So not quite as springlike as some would have hoped.  Spring limps in at long last, but will the season bring birds, bees and blossom?

Warm in the Alps too where avalanches kill four after thaw

New insight into accelerating summer ice melt on the Antarctic Peninsular - it's higher now than any time in the past 1,000 years, including the MWP, and is increasing at a faster rate than any time in that period to boot.   However, across the West Antarctic ice sheet (which is not the same thing!!!!)  recent Antarctic climate, glacier change at the 'upper bound' of normal -  similar levels of warming/melt have occurred before.   In other words, the main bulk of Antarctica is not yet showing signs of being affected by AGW in the way that the Antarctic Peninsular appears to be.

And cutting specific pollutants would slow sea level rise - more evidence (as if any were needed) that a) AGW is about more than just CO2 emissions and b) we can reduce AGW - and its impacts - even if we can't cut CO2 emissions.

And a new report says biofuel: 'irrational' and 'worse than fossil fuels'.   No surprise as I've said that all along, although I've always thought reusing waste cooking oil on a small scale basis as a sound idea.  It's growing crops to produce biofuel that is most nonsensical.


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