3rd April - Today's News: March 2nd Coldest on Record in UK

Official data now in from Met Office and it's confirmed that March is joint second coldest on record - that's for the UK as a whole.   In the CET series it's the joint 12th coldest and colder than any March since the 19th century.  All in all a very remarkable month.   But I wouldn't at all be surprised if we see a record breaking warm month now, before the year is out.  BBQ summer at last?  Maybe ....

Cold winter: winners and losers from the long winter - not many winners!   And it's not over yet, although yesterday saw the temperature almost reach double figures in my garden (and quite pleasant it was in the sunshine) overnight frosts continue and there's more snow expected in the SE tonight ......

Meanwhile, in contrast,  NZ sweltered in record breaking March temperatures whilst Tasmania feels the autumn heat breaking March temperature records and across Australia as a whole it was the warmest Sept-Mar period on record


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