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31st July - Today's News: Persian Gulf Hit by Severe Heat Wave

A heatwave across the Middle East, and particularly around the top of the Persian Gulf, is producing some extreme temperatures this week.  Iraq orders four-day holiday as Middle East broils in extreme heat wave whilst across the border  Iran city hits suffocating heat indez of 154 degress, near world record.  That's 67.8c.  The actual air temperature was 42.8c with a dew point of  32.2c   Not nice!

Meanwhile, in North America, record-challenging heat wave bakes Seattle and Portland, Oregon and warnings issued as heat wave roasts East Coast
Down under, crazy winter weather continues: Sydney set for a heatwave, Darwin told to brace for bushfires - but Hobart can expect snowfall for the first time since 1986
But in stark contrast to all that, here Twitter users share uninspiring holiday photographs during Britain's washout summer.   Overall, it's been a wet and dull July - Evesham is just outside the area of below 75% average rainfall shown over the north Cotswolds. 
And mor…

29th July - Today's News: Finland on Track for Coldest Summer

All those moaning about the weather here (an Englishman is never happy unless he is moaning about the weather though) should think themselves lucky.  We havent been the only ones missing out on the widespread heat, with Finland's summer 2015 poised to be chilliest in 50 years
Exceptionally strong cyclone brings wild mix of summer, winter weather to northern US and Canada

California drought could wipe cities off the map if their water runs out
Australian weather forecasters stumped as second winter cyclone looms off Solomon Islands
Shanghai: city set to bask in scorching temperatures for 10 more days
Monsoon floods hit southeast Asia
Is Pluto's atmosphere about to collapse?   It may have been only a temporary feature.
And Earth could get just 12 hours warning of damaging solar storm - another Carrington event could prove catastrophic

28th July - Today's News: Summer Snow in the Rockies

Cold front bring rare July snow to northern Rockies
Whilst it has all gone from Boston, a snowvember storm snow pile still exists in Buffalo 
Central Florida drenched by tropical rains as Gulf low forms - much of the continent is expecting hot weather this week though, as is much of Europe.  Britain remains the exception (not that I am really complaining).   But are we set for a record July rainfall?  Asks the Met Office.  Well not round here where it's still below average and very much different to 2007 when we had in total 5 times the normal expected rainfall, much of it of course falling on the 20th.   2008, 2009 and 2012 also saw double the average rainfall.   It looks like being my wettest July since 2013.
Researchers find reason behind increases in urban flooding in the US, and it's not good news with storm surges combining with heavy rainfall events to compound the problem more in the future, assuming global warming continues.
Czech goverment seeks ways of getting to grip …

27th July - Today's News: 'Worst' July Storm Kills One in Netherlands

25th July - Today's News: Coldest July Day in Evesham in at least 12 years

Well yesterday was not only my wettest day of the year so far (19.1mm) but also, with a maximum of just 14.6c (recorded at 00.44am), my coldest July day on record (from 2003).  Interestingly, my previous coldest July day was the 21st July 2007 when Evesham was under flood after the wettest day ever.   No flooding this time though and with the ground very dry, the Avon has barely risen an inch!   Today there should be a brief return to summer, before more rain tomorrow.
China's restive Xinjiang region scorched by heatwave as record temperatures drag on
New record for average day temperature is set in Slovakia
Ships on alert as Kick 'em Jenny volcano rumbles to life off Grenada
A refreshingly sober assessment of the recently publicised opinion of James Hansen, leading climate scientist: Future is bleaker than we thought.   But he might be wrong.
And the latest from New Horizons: Pluto may have 'nitrogen glaciers'

24th July - Today's News: Kepler Discovers Krypton?

22nd July - Today's News: World Continues to Warm

After a record warm 2014, the first six months of 2015 have been the hottest on record, as has June - last year's record looks likely to be broken.  Meanwhile, El Nino intensifying, could rival strongest in recorded history.
Wildfires threaten villages across the Balkans
 Arctic sea ice 'grew by a third' after cool 2013 summer - suggesting it's more resilient than some thought
Scientists track monster waves below the ocean surface
Is a major earthquake on San Francisco's Hayward Fault expected 'any day now'?   Well yes and no.   A quake is expected sometime soon - it could even be this week.  Or it could be in a few years time ...

And NASA satellite camera provides 'Epic' view of Earth

20th July - Today's News: Heatwave and Floods in US

18th July - Today's News: Record High Temperatures Bring July Snow to Hawaii

17th July - Today's News: Norwegians Baffled by Unusual Torrential Downpour

Scientists in Norway left completely baffled  by freak storm that dumps 100mm of rain in one hour
2 dead, 39 injured as tropical storm hits Japan
Australia wakes to a wintery blanket of the white stuff as record cold snap brings European-style winter to three states - it's years since I have seen snow like that!   Unfortunately, David Viner's off the cuff remark about snow being a "a very rare and exciting event" has proved all too true in this part of Britain.

Heavy rain and thunder too is becoming a very rare thing, with just two occasions on which distant rumbles have been heard in Evesham since July last year (which to be fair did produce some proper storms!) and I have certainly not seen any lightning in the past 12 months.  But elsewhere heavy rain forces play to be suspended in The Open at St Andrews after lightning and 50mph winds hit Britain - with parts of England seeing spectatular lightning displays for the second time in just a week ....
And some pictures…

15th July - Today's News: More Cold & Snow in Australia

14th July - Today's News: New Horizons Nears Pluto

13th July - Today's News: Snow Delights the Aussies

11th July - Today's News: Nearly 1 Million Chinese Evacuated Ahead of Typhoon Chan-hom

10th July - Today's News: Typhoon Cham-hom Lashes Okinawa, Approaches China

9th July - Today's News: Deadly Italian Tornado

8th July - Today's News: Record Heat in Switzerland, Snow in Russia

Record temperature set in Geneva whilst in Germany, heatwave unleashes storms and tornadoes.   And whilst it's much cooler in Britain - in fact there's snow forecast for Scotland's highest peaks today (not unusual for the Ben and high tops of the Cairngorms though) - further south Spain locked into heat wave, no relief for weeks.  And there's every chance we could tap into the heat here again before the summer is out. 
Flooding causes chaos across Aberdeen
Vorkuta: Russian town blanketed by snow in summer - although it's north of the Arctic Circle, snow there in July is rarer than it is in the Cairngorms. June saw South Canterbury temperature coldest recorded in New Zealand for 20 years
Unusual cold weather hits Sa Pa in northern Viet Nam
And we have an improved date for Earth's latest magnetic field reversal using radiometric data - it was 780,000 years ago

7th July - Today's News: The World's Newest Glacier

6th July - Today's News: Germany Records Hottest Ever Day

2nd July - Today's News: Britain's Warmest July Day on Record

Whilst the 33.9c in my garden was only the highest I have recorded since July 2006, with 36.7c at Heathrow it was the hottest July day every recorded in UK - particularly remarkable because previous records have occurred at the end of a heatwave, rather on the second day of a brief 'hot spell'.   Typically the day ended with some major thunderstorms (though not in Evesham of course - a couple of rumbles in the morning was the best we could muster) and overnight inch-wide hailstones fall as thunderstorms sweep the country after 98f Britain bakes on hottest July day on record with a dramatic lightning storm across Scotland .    In Newcastle, mother tells of terror as lightning bolt struck her home
Though already cooler in Britain, high temperatures will continue over Europe as France takes steps to avoid repeat of deadly 2003 heatwave where the heatwave brings rain of records.

In Holland, heat hits, Dutch Rail reduces services, Wednesday night set new record

And in Germany, weath…

1st July - Today's News: Earliest Recorded Cyclone Forms off NE Australia

Cyclone Raquel forms as earliest big storm recorded off Australia's north-east - the official season doesn't start intil October ....
An interesting weather day in Britain with temperatures at 09z already up to 31c - and 26c even in the Highlands .....  Records will very likely fall as Britain is scorched on hottest July 1st ever (possibly) and Europe swelters as heatwave hits
Meanwhile, in North America, heat dome parked over West shatters temperature records, sparks fires

Major Midwest flood risk underestimated by as much as five feet, study finds
And in the evening sky, Venus and Jupiter become cosmic neighbours