28th July - Today's News: Summer Snow in the Rockies

Whilst it has all gone from Boston, a snowvember storm snow pile still exists in Buffalo 

Central Florida drenched by tropical rains as Gulf low forms - much of the continent is expecting hot weather this week though, as is much of Europe.  Britain remains the exception (not that I am really complaining).  
But are we set for a record July rainfall?  Asks the Met Office.  Well not round here where it's still below average and very much different to 2007 when we had in total 5 times the normal expected rainfall, much of it of course falling on the 20th.   2008, 2009 and 2012 also saw double the average rainfall.   It looks like being my wettest July since 2013.

Researchers find reason behind increases in urban flooding in the US, and it's not good news with storm surges combining with heavy rainfall events to compound the problem more in the future, assuming global warming continues.

Arctic ice loss brings extra snow in Siberia - there is a link there to the full paper

A new study ties down the date of the proposed 'Clovis Comet' impact and start of the Younger Dryas, a cataclysmic event of a certain age

And finally, an apology.  Yesterday I made light of a story in which it was claimed Peter Wadhams thought three climate scientists had been murdered.   Rightly so, but, as it turns out for slightly the wrong reason:  Professor Wadhams never made any such claim and now Arctic sea expert complains to press authority over Times story (it was the Times that broke the story, subsequently duplicated by other news outlets).   Once again the gutter press misquote out of context with a clear intent to mislead the public ....


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