31st July - Today's News: Persian Gulf Hit by Severe Heat Wave

A heatwave across the Middle East, and particularly around the top of the Persian Gulf, is producing some extreme temperatures this week.  Iraq orders four-day holiday as Middle East broils in extreme heat wave whilst across the border  Iran city hits suffocating heat indez of 154 degress, near world record.  That's 67.8c.  The actual air temperature was 42.8c with a dew point of  32.2c   Not nice!

Meanwhile, in North America, record-challenging heat wave bakes Seattle and Portland, Oregon and warnings issued as heat wave roasts East Coast

But in stark contrast to all that, here Twitter users share uninspiring holiday photographs during Britain's washout summer.   Overall, it's been a wet and dull July - Evesham is just outside the area of below 75% average rainfall shown over the north Cotswolds. 

And more records broken!  The month started with my hottest July day on record, we later had the coldest day (lowest maxima) on record and this morning the month ends with the lowest July temp on record - just 5.4c on my garden.  All records from 2003.  Rainfall-wise it's been a mediocre month with about 85% of the local 81-00 average.  So far this year only May has seen above average rainfall in Evesham.

California 'rain debt' equal to average full year of precipitation

And good news for Badenoch and the Monadh Liath as Allt Duine wind farm plan vetoed by Scottish government ministers


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