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30th April - Today's News: US Storm Death Toll 35

28th April - Today's News: At Least 17 Killed in US Tornado Outbreak

25th April - Today's News: Dhaka's Hottest Day Since 1960

In Bangladesh, Dhaka hottest in five decades with 40.2c recorded yesterday, the highest in the capital since 1960 (other reports have the figure higher at 40.7c)

Meanwhile, the Indian Met Office sees below-average monsoon in 2014 - whilst in the northwest of the country there's a brief respite from drought: the dunes change colour as rain falls on Thar
Snapshots from avalanche team's latest season as the SAIS report a record number of avalanches in the Scottish hills but no fatalities
Met Office launches new mountain weather forecasts for mobiles
After a very quiet start to the season in the US, massive tornado outbreak predicted for this weekend across the South
Whilst in north Michigan there's been 347 inches of snow and counting; more snow on the way to the U.P.
Odds of NYC flooding during a storm up 20-fold
And study links California drought to global climate change
Wind, dry conditions fuel New Jersey fires
Normandy villages hit by freak violent hailstorms last night


23rd April - Today's News: At Least Four Killed in Romanian Floods

Floods kill four in southern Romania, with a state of emergency declared in neighbouring Serbia
NZ's West Coast cleans up after damaging storm last week
Snow brings chill to Urumqi in NW China, after their warmest day of the year, so far, on Monday

Globally, March is 4th warmest on record, NOAA confirms
Mystery of 'ocean quack' sound solved

And asteroid impact raosk 'underappreciated' - they're more common than we might think

22nd April - Today's News: Slow Start to US Tornado Season

19th April - Today's News: Ice Means More Flood Worries in Canada

In Canada, N.B. officials warn of more flooding due to 35km long ice mass
Meanwhile, near-record Great Lakes ice caused by cold winter could mean cool spring for surrounding areas

In NZ, storm wreaks havoc through south
Air temperature influenced African glacial movements at height of last ice age - rather than precipitation as is usually the prime factor, suggesting that air temp may also be a bigger factor than thought in current glacial retreat.
Mexico shaken by powerful earthquake
Reports: one fifth of China's soil contaminated by industrial pollution
'Dressed' laser aimed at clouds may be key to inducing rain, lightning
Ancient plants 'frozen in time' by space impacts in Argentina
Mt Everest avalanche: is climate change to blame?
And the silly season starts early as it's revealed a Swedish MP ordered chemtrail probe - next week he requests the tooth fairy's tax returns ....

18th April - Today's News: Dramatic Rescue as Remnants of Cyclone Ita Hit NZ

16th April - Today's News: Detroit's Snowiest Winter Ever

15th April - Today's News - Colombian Drought Worries

Casanare drought raises Colombia climate fears
Fire and drought may push Amazonian forests beyind tipping point
Solomons flood victims 'terrified' after earthquakes
Extreme Antarctic ozone holes have not been replicated in the Arctic, in part at least because the of success of the CFC ban.
And more proof that human activities affect the climate in a detrimental way as a new study showshow air pollution over Asia influences global weather and makes Pacific storms more intense
Intriguing NASA Cassini images may show birth of a Saturn moon
Faraway moon or fant star?  Possible exomoon found - it's of course very likely that many of the hundreds of exoplanets we've found will have satellites, but they're much harder to spot.

14th April - Today's News: Deadly Wildfire in Chile

12th April - Today's News: North Queensland Cleans Up After Cyclone Ita

11th April - Today's News: Cat 4 Cyclone Ita to Make Landfall in Queensland Today

Currently a Cat 4 storm as it approached the Queensland coast - due to make landfall today - Cyclone Ita 'has the potential to take lives' with disaster declared in Cooktown as severe Tropical Storm Ita threatens to 'wipe out' town.  And more live coverage from ABC News here - more on this no doubt tomorrow.
Perth's endless summer continues with another 35c sizzler
In Missouri last week storm tears apart man's home so violent he woke up in the street - sadly he died of his injuries on Tuesday.   Interesting that wind speeds are quoted as only being ~60mph.   Meanwhile, in Mississippi, mobile home destroyed after being thrown 20 feet in the air while the family were still inside - in this case, it was a tornado and the family fortunately survived.
US sees growing odds of El Nino development this year
'Cherry tree from space' blooms early, Japanese scientists baffled - grown from a seed that spent time on the ISS, it's produced blossom six years earlier…

9th April - Today's News: Major Cyclone Ita Approaches Queensland

7th April - Today's News: Record Temperature Bring Early Forest Fires to Siberia

5th April - Today's News: Deadly Floods and Earthquake Strike Solomon Islands

4th April - Today's News: England's Air Pollution Begins to Clear

UK air pollution: high levels remain but forecast to fall - but not before David Cameron accused of misunderstanding air pollution crisis.  Personally all I've noticed is that it's been misty and there's been some sand deposits on my wheely bin .....  Compared with many parts of the world (pollution haze like this is endemic in much of SE Asia as well as cities like Mexico City and even in California) it's really not been a big deal and I think where it not for media reports most folk would have been unaware of it.   Though I accept it may have been a lot worse in big towns and cities where there is normally a lot more air pollution to start with.
Strong storms, tornadoes barrel through central US
In Australia, severe storm hammers NSW ripping roof of pub and forcing rescue of three people
A round-up of March records: Austria's, warm March continues trend of unusual weather whilst in the Czech Republic this March warmest in at least 50 years and in the Valencia reg…

2nd April - Today's News: Temp Records Broken in Australia Again

1st April - Today's News: Aussies Banned From Drinking Alcohol During Cyclones

Snowstorm paralyses Moscow on April Fool's Day
Hailstorms and heavy rain leave 16 people dead and cause widespread property damage in southern China
Saharan red dust deposited on cars across UK - not all that rare an occurrence though
Weather records tumble in March - it was the sunniest ever in Holland

Adelaide close to temperature record today - just 0.1c below the highest ever recorded in April
Climate inaction catastrophic - US Secretary of State John Kerry says.  But is climate report: creating a sense of urgency or alarm?
And a  new study (so not included in the last IPCC report) suggests that warming climate may spread drying to a third of Earth
Meanwhile, new research on the AMO shows the Atlantic Ocean dances with the Sun and volcanoes, affecting the climate across much of the northern hemisphere in the process.  The article doesn't say so, but I can see this raising questions on just how much recent climate changes have been down to AGW ....   Regardless of the cause th…