9th April - Today's News: Major Cyclone Ita Approaches Queensland

Death toll rises in flood-hot Solomon Islands to 24

World's heaviest 48-hour rainfall confirmed as more than 98 inches - it fell in Cherrapunji, India in 1995

2 killed as storms dump rain on US southeast

US mudslide dead rises to 33 amid search for missing

In Argentina's Neuquen floods: SMN forecasts storm will be over by tomorrow

Permafrost thawing could accelerate global warming

World 'needs Plan B' on climate - IPCC report.  And I agree.  Because regardless of political will, curbing GHG emissions is simply not practical, and in any case, they are not the be all and end all climate change .....

And the recent slowdown of global warming fleeting according to Michael Mann.  And I agree on that too.
UN warns of Syria food shortage due to looming drought (the civil war probably doesn't help matters, mind)

And finally, this story has been running for a few days now .... long range forecast for UK reveals 2014 will be a scorcher ..... Well yes.  In exactly the same way we had 100 days of snowfall last winter!  The story's been updated from Monday's almost identical headline with, oddly James Madden's comments being dropped.  James for once may prove right when he makes the astounding prediction that "Some periods of warm and settled weather can be expected throughout this summer – in particular in the latter part of July and into the first half of August when many parts of the country could see temperatures ranging in the mid to high 20s at times."   Next week, he predicts that night will follow day .....   Meanwhile, in response the the media reports on Monday, the Met Office ask is summer coming early?  And point out the truth behind their contingency planner's forecasts.  Again.  Though in terms of getting the message across to the media, it's like talking to a death and blind man through a black hole.


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