11th April - Today's News: Cat 4 Cyclone Ita to Make Landfall in Queensland Today

Currently a Cat 4 storm as it approached the Queensland coast - due to make landfall today - Cyclone Ita 'has the potential to take lives' with disaster declared in Cooktown as severe Tropical Storm Ita threatens to 'wipe out' town.  And more live coverage from ABC News here - more on this no doubt tomorrow.

In Missouri last week storm tears apart man's home so violent he woke up in the street - sadly he died of his injuries on Tuesday.   Interesting that wind speeds are quoted as only being ~60mph.   Meanwhile, in Mississippi, mobile home destroyed after being thrown 20 feet in the air while the family were still inside - in this case, it was a tornado and the family fortunately survived.

'Cherry tree from space' blooms early, Japanese scientists baffled - grown from a seed that spent time on the ISS, it's produced blossom six years earlier than normally occurs.  Spooky ....

And Saturn's hexagon: an amazing phenomenon, perhaps related to Earth's Rossby waves?


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