1st April - Today's News: Aussies Banned From Drinking Alcohol During Cyclones

Saharan red dust deposited on cars across UK - not all that rare an occurrence though

Weather records tumble in March - it was the sunniest ever in Holland

Adelaide close to temperature record today - just 0.1c below the highest ever recorded in April

And a  new study (so not included in the last IPCC report) suggests that warming climate may spread drying to a third of Earth

Meanwhile, new research on the AMO shows the Atlantic Ocean dances with the Sun and volcanoes, affecting the climate across much of the northern hemisphere in the process.  The article doesn't say so, but I can see this raising questions on just how much recent climate changes have been down to AGW ....   Regardless of the cause though, there seems little doubt that Arctic melt season lengthening, ocean rapidly warming

A new culprit is found for the PT Extinction event, ancient whodunit may be solved: methane-producing microbes did it!   I'm not convinced they were the sole cause ....

And finally, today's top story: getting drunk at home during a cyclone could land you in jail if you live in the Northern Territories .......   Well, just for today, anyway!


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