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30th June - Today's News: Record Snowfall In Australia

28th June - Today's News: Floods Hit Paraquay

25th June - Today's News: Extensive Floods in Minnesota

Vast stretches of Minnesota are flooded as swollen rivers overflow
In Texas, storm brings welcome rain but also street flooding
A house is damaged as tornado touches down in New Tecumseth, Ont.
Lightning strike blows Georgia man out of his boots, literally
Plenty of pictures in the Daily Mail as Australia sees more than 80,000 homes without power: Severe weather batters the east coast as SES volunteers respond to thousands of calls across Victoria and NSW  while storm smashes wind energy records - presumably they don't need to switch off their turbines when it gets a bit breezy as we do in this country?
In NZ, the north of South Island region soaked by winter storms with some families evacuated due to flooding
Near Toulouse, in France, a month of rain falls in three hours as more severe storms strike the country
In South Africa last week, 20,000 affected by Cape storms and flooding
Haze: Malaysia calls for immediate action by Indonesia as part of the country is afflicted by poll…

24th June - Today's News: Storm, Blizzards Hit SE Australia

Victoria hit by 'weather bomb' with destrictive winds, storm surge and more high winds forecast whilst blizzard conditions hit NSW Snowy Mountains, south-east
Here in Britain, it's raining hay!  Dust devil tornado caught on camera in Lancashire (it's not a tornado!)
NOAA's May data is now out and its the warmest yet of the datasets showing May was the hottest month ever for Earth (hottest May, that is)
NASA maps show Asia's insane June heat wave
Icelandic glacier retreats 887m in 20 years
Major earthquake hits off Alaska's Aleutian Islands
Wild land map published for Scotland - including, of course, North Moidart.  But I cannot help but wonder whether, had this been done 10 or so years ago, the area covering the Monadh Liath might not have extended further SW to include what was then probably the wildest, emptiest, least visited tract of upland moor anywhere in Britain - and is now the site of the Glen Doe reservoir and furture Stronelairg windfarm, with all it…

23rd June - Today's News: Snow Finally Falls in Australian Mountains

20th June - Today's News: Bulgarian Flash Floods Kill at Least 10

18th June - Today's News: Scotland & Ireland Enjoy Heat Wave

A mild night here in Evesham with a min of just 14.9c - warmest of the year - and, though largely unreported in the national (ie London) press, the Scots bask in sun as heatwave makes country hotter than holiday hotspot Ibiza whilst Ireland's heatwave rivals Rio and surpasses the Mediterranean - if confirmed, Newport, Co Mayo's 27c would be the highest temp recorded in the British Isles so far this year.
Not quite as hot as India though, where heat wave continues in Rajasthan, Ganganagar sizzles at 45.2 deg celsius whilst across the country the recent (and in places on-going) Indian heat wave claims hundreds of lives
In contrast, coldest June night in 50 years brings summertime snow to northern Finland
Tornado rips off roofs, tosses trees, in southern Ontario
Apparent pause in global warming blamed on 'lousy data' by ESA - as I have pointed out a few times, in my opinion there has been no pause, as shown by the steady increase in global temp for each successive La Nina…

17th June - Today's News: Twin Tornadoes Hit Nebraska

Deadly US tornadoes strike Nebraska with dramatic footage of two twisters side by side and many more pictures of the damage in the Daily Mail as  terrifying 200mph tornado cluster levels Nebraska town killing two, including one child, and leaving sixteen people critical
Waves of rain flood roads, trap towns in South Dakota
Winter floods: MPS criticise spending priorities
Bizarre headlines in the British media that a drought could be on the way as experts predict 'very little rain' for the next week ...... although much of the country (including Evesham) has already seen as much rain in the first two weeks of June as we'd expect for the whole month.   And reservoirs across the country are full.  
Climate forced ancient Peruvians to migrate
Ponds 'predict sea ice melt'
'Weedy thing' thrives as Antaractic shores warm
Mount Etna erupts in spectacular display 
And for once something that is not being attributed to global warming (yet) or indeed offered as an explana…

16th June - Today's News: 3rd Warmest May Could Portend Record El Nino

Third warmest May in satellite record may portend record-setting El Nino and maybe silence those who still maintain that there is no global warming trend - bearing in mind the prediction comes from 'sceptic' John Christie.   It's the warmest recorded non-El Nino May.
A surprise tropical downpour for a few minutes in Evesham on Friday evening kicked off a night of big thunderstorms for many places southeast of here as storms leave homes without power in Oxfordhire and Berkshire and pair tell how storm struck TV box and set bedroom on fire. No thunder or lightning for Evesham, of course,  The first of the season for China, Tropical Storm Hagibis hits Guangdong
Contrary to some previous suggestions that a warming Arctic may have been the reason for recent cold winters, it now appears that Arctic warming linked to fewer European and US cold weather events
And it's not just climate that is affected, as deforestation leaves fish undersized and underfed as well.

13th June - Today's News: Early Summer Heat Broils Northern Hemisphere

Record temperatures recorded in the Czech Republic  as early summer heat broils northern hemisphere
Delhi has recorded the longest heat wave in 19 years, but finally rain ends long heatwave, Met says worst over whilst in the west freak tidal waves flood Mumbai shoreline
Floods kill 10 in southern Brazil but rain easing ahead of the first World Cup matches due to be played in the region on Monday.  And just across the border in Argentina, the Ignazu Falls overflow in flood of Biblical proportions
Millions of swamp spiders spin mega-web after flooding in NZ
Kim Jong-Un calls out North Korean Met Office for incorrect forecasts - they probably forecast scattered showers and it remained dry all day in Kim's back garden .....

New satellite image shows major ice chunk breaking off Greenland glacier
Scientists discover link between climate change and ocean currents over 6 million years
And finally, will it reach 30c somewhere in the UK today?  June 13th is the only summer day on which that tem…

11th June - Today's News: No, It's Not Forecast to be Hottest Summer Ever

Although the story beneath is somewhat better than the cr*p spouted by the Express and Star, even the Independent manage to mislead with their headline that Britain could be in for the hottest summer ever .... - which many will read as 'is'.   In fact there's no reason to suppose it'll be the hottest at all and the Met Office's outlook for the UK summer 2014 simply suggests that there's 25% chance it'll be in the warmest category ..... and a 15% chance in the coldest.   So odds are, it'll be near, or just above, average when all three months are taken into consideration.   Though this doesn't mean it won't be the hottest summer ever - or indeed the coldest - simply that it's not forecast to be.
'Chilly' 20c Cairns day break record - I'd be happy if that was the warmest it ever got!   It's the lowest maxima they've recorded there since 1995.
Heavy rain causes flash flooding in Preston

North Island hit by violent storm, thous…

10th June - Today's News: Germany Storms Kill Six

9th June - Today's News: Dozens Dead in Afghan Flash Flood

7th June - Today's News: Camera Captures Lightning Striking Canadian Car

Woke to lots of thunder this morning - but as always the storm itself by-passed Evesham.  Still awaiting a proper, big, overhead storm here - the last one I experienced was in Suffolk in 1994 .....! No reports as yet of problems from today's storms, but there has been a lot of lightning already, and more storms to come.
Meanwhile, a lucky escape in Canada as a surveillance camera captures the dramatic moment lightning struck a pick-up truck
In Colorado, Trindad teen survives tornado that literally blew over him

Barbeques covered with June snowfall in Churchill, Manitoba
Powerful dust storm sweeps across Tehran once again
El Nino 70% likely to arrive late summer, says US weather forecaster
Saving trees in tropics could cut emissions by one-fifth - haven't I been arguing along those lines all along? Based on 2010 emission data (from wikipedia) that's the same as everyone (and every company, every industrial process, every home, every vehicle) in the whole of the EU and India s…

6th June - Today's News: Record Rainfall in Japan

5th June - Today's News: Deadly Floods in Sri Lanka

Over 7,000 affected, 15 dead as rains, floods wreak havoc in Sri Lanka - with some reports suggesting up to 23 fatalities and up to 100,000 affected
With 22.8mm of persistent rain it was the wettest day of the year in Evesham yesterday, whilst over in Lincolnshire tornado-like clouds brew over Britain as forecasters warn thundery rain and hailstorms are set to hit the UK this weekend - 5ft craters not expected.
In the Altai region of Siberia, almost 21,500 people cannot return to their waterlogged homes after  worst flooding in 45 years Midwest braces for more storms after 4,300 cars pounded by hail
5 die in Guatemala landslide caused by heavy rains

Last month, 60,000 cattle dead in Bolivia cold wave - though no suggestions the weather is anything much out of the ordinary (bearing in mind it is winter down there)

And in the endless see-sawing of was it man or climate, latest study concludes human, not climate, to blame for ice age era disappearance of large mammals.   My opinion?  It wa…

4th June - Today's News: Torrential Rain Floods Istanbul

Rain inundates Istanbul, with 10 surreal images of Istanbul showered by rain
S China downpours cause casualties, economic losses
Flood in Siberia subsiding
Baseball-sized hail hits Nebraska
The Daily Express appear to have teamed up with the Syfy Channel (who brought us Sharknado) this week, warning in the most over-the-top dramatic tones possible of  a SHOCK WEATHER FORECAST: the worst hailstorms in 170 years to hit Britain this weekend .....

..... in reality it does look like we'll have a thundery plume over parts of the country and there's a risk of some biggish thunderstorms which may produce the odd tornado or some big hail - maybe marble sized - though it's too early to say for sure or, indeed, where may be worst affected.  Many places will see nothing (including, of course, Evesham ..... ) and there's no indication any storms will be any worse that the sort we see under similar conditions every single year.
And astronomers discover two new worlds orbiting ancient…

3rd June - Today's News: Deadly Dust Storm Hits Tehran

2nd June - Today's News: Floods Sweep Siberia

Like the Daily Mail, Russia Today is often good wth photos, and plenty here as hundreds evacuated as heavy floods sweep across Russia's Siberia
800 flee forest fire; two die of heatstroke as China gripped by 40c temperatures with record temperatures in South Korea as region swelters in unseasonal heat - and the temperatures are big in Japan as well
In Britain, climate change to boost summer flash floods, study says - and although it's only based on one model it's in complete agreement with various other studies ......   Overall, summers will be drier, but with more heavy downpours leading to flash flooding.  A apparent contradiction which the tabloid press with no doubt struggle with for many years to come!