16th June - Today's News: 3rd Warmest May Could Portend Record El Nino

Third warmest May in satellite record may portend record-setting El Nino and maybe silence those who still maintain that there is no global warming trend - bearing in mind the prediction comes from 'sceptic' John Christie.   It's the warmest recorded non-El Nino May.

A surprise tropical downpour for a few minutes in Evesham on Friday evening kicked off a night of big thunderstorms for many places southeast of here as storms leave homes without power in Oxfordhire and Berkshire and pair tell how storm struck TV box and set bedroom on fire. No thunder or lightning for Evesham, of course, 
The first of the season for China, Tropical Storm Hagibis hits Guangdong

Contrary to some previous suggestions that a warming Arctic may have been the reason for recent cold winters, it now appears that Arctic warming linked to fewer European and US cold weather events

And it's not just climate that is affected, as deforestation leaves fish undersized and underfed as well.


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