24th June - Today's News: Storm, Blizzards Hit SE Australia

NOAA's May data is now out and its the warmest yet of the datasets showing May was the hottest month ever for Earth (hottest May, that is)

Wild land map published for Scotland - including, of course, North Moidart.  But I cannot help but wonder whether, had this been done 10 or so years ago, the area covering the Monadh Liath might not have extended further SW to include what was then probably the wildest, emptiest, least visited tract of upland moor anywhere in Britain - and is now the site of the Glen Doe reservoir and furture Stronelairg windfarm, with all its associated miles and miles and miles of roads .....

And more good news from Australia as Unesco rules Tasmania forest to remain protected - much to the consternation of the Aussie government and their wealthy logging firm chummies.


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