9th June - Today's News: Dozens Dead in Afghan Flash Flood

As warm, humid, thundery conditions continue to affect much of Britain,  Country Antrim homes flooded and properties damaged and at least three homes are hit as 7,000 lightning bolts hit Britain over weekend

France sees hail 'the size of tennis balls' as more storms on the way warns Meteo France

Siberia is known for its winter cold: will it soon be as famous for its summer floods?

And an excellent piece by Simon Usborne on the dangers of believing what you read in the media:  Weather wars at the Met Office: Is it going to be a 'barbecue summer' this year?   Remember, James Madden recently denied on Facebook that there was heavy rain and floods in East Anglia (as warned by the Met Office) despite a months rain falling in one day causing widespread disruption, whilst Piers Corbyn continues to post messages on his website implying that the MetO got their forecasts wrong because we didn't experience the catastrophic weather predicted in the Daily Express .....


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