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30th December - Today's News: 50 Dead in DR Congo Floods

29th December - Today's News: Yellowstone Geyser Turns to Snow

28th December - Today's News: Christmas Storms and Record Heat

On Boxing Day, storm Conor brings snow and wind to Scotland
In the US, thousands remain powerless after Christmas storm wreaks havoc but Charleston, other WV cities see record high temperatures with other record temperatures set on Christmas day in parts of Tennessee, Kentucky and Christmas Day in North Texas sees record-high temperature as well

I also recorded my highest ever Christmas Day temperature (14.3c) - though records do only go back to 2003 ....
Adelaide sets records for Christmas heat but it's followed by more wild weather hits state after Adelaide storm leaves trail of destruction
Australia flood: Six found safe after record rainfall that brought waterfalls to Uluru  Charleston, other WV cities see record high temperatures - See more at:
Canadians ice skate on the streets as 'freezing rain' turns roads into rinks
Alpine ski resorts plagued by l…

24th December - Today's News: Storm Barbara Impacts Northern Britain

In Wales a school roof has been ripped off during Storm Barbara - actually, it was just caused by a squally cold font: "Barbara" was to the north of Scotland and only directed affected northern parts of the UK.  In Northern Ireland hundreds lefts without power as Storm Barbara hits and there was some disruption as Storm Barbara starts moving across Scotland.  The Christmas Day storm - now named Conor - will affect even less people.   Nothing like the storms we had this time last year!
We could, however, have a record mild Christmas Day ..... though this does not mean the Daily Express were right when they forecast this just hours before predicting a "snow wall" ....  It's complete coincidence!  Signs of a settled, cooler, spell after Christmas and just maybe somethng wintry in the early new year.
It looks like WA likely to avoid Christmas cyclone but nonetheless, on the Pilbara coast,  Broome swamped in wettest December on record
Millions in path of typhoon Noc…

22nd December - Today's News: Duststorm Hits W.A. as Cyclone Yvette Approaches

21st December - Today's News: Desert Snow

Merry Solstice one and all.  Ring out those bells and let the 12 days of Christmas begin!
Algerian villagers stunned as snow falls in the Sahara for the first time in 37 years and we can also watch how Saudis are celebrating the snow.   In contrast, there's not even any snow on the highest Scottish hills as freak heatwave causes meltdown on Inverness mountain.  There should at least be some snow up there over the next week though.  But nothing on the horizon for Evesham. 
‘Industrial snow’ gives Swiss village very own white Christmas - something we have had before in Evesham - caused, bizarrely, by trains in the station! - but not for 2 weeks.  And interesting to note that White Christmas to remain a dream in Switzerland as well.
Thundersnow hits Hawaii's volcanoes In Scotland, it's predicted that tree felling by beavers may save millions in flood repairs
Arctic lakes thawing earlier each year
NOAA's November climate report says 2016 on record to be hottest year yet - b…

20th December - Today's News: Warning Out for Pre-Christmas Storm Barbara

There's already an amber Storm Barbara warning for Scotland for Friday into Christmas Eve with uncertainty still as to whether there will be a second storm on Christmas Day - current indications are that if there is, it won't be quite as bad.  And down south it'll just be windy.  But mild ... 
Sand 'tornado' terrifies little nippers on Gold Coast beach
Fiji floods: Flood threat continues with major concerns for Rewa River communities
Smog chokes China cities for fourth day of 'airpocalypse', grounding flights and closing roads
In parts of Mongolia the temperature expected to reach 50 celsius next week.  That's cold!
It's claimed that Arctic ice melt 'already affecting weather patterns where you live right now' - perhaps we need to see a big refreeze then?  Maybe then we'd finally get a cold winter here!
The "Clovis Comet" debate continues as studies refute hypothesis on what caused abrupt climate change thousands of years ago

19th December - Today's News: Severe Floods Hit Fiji

17th December - Today's News: Record Chilean Heatwave

15th December - Today's News: Winter Storm Decima Brings Snow to Portland

14th December - Today's News: The Highest Wave Ever Recorded

13th December - Today's News: Several Dead as Cyclone Vardah Hits India

12th December - Today's News: Snowstorms Cancel Flights in US & Sweden

8th December - Today's News: Record UK Warmth

For the second year running we saw the UK date maximum temperature date record broken yesterday with 17.0c in Harwarden - the previous record set last year was 16.4c in Gogerddan, West Wales.  And in Northern Ireland the warmest December day since 1994 recorded.    The highest temperature ever recorded in the whole UK in December though was 18.3c in 1948 
Interestingly, most UK coastal flooding caused by moderate, not extreme storms
In the US, some ND residents stuck indoors after blizzard sweeps through State but whilst winter is finally arriving in some parts, this fall was the warmest on record, 2016 will be at least second-warmest year
Despite La Nina, Australia's Top End residents could be waiting until Christmas for a bit of rain relief
Indonesia quake: Search for survivors continues
Is mining to blame for the drought in Bolivia?  No. The drought is caused by a lack of rain!   But mining activities do use a lot of water that could otherwise help allieviate the effects of the …

7th December - Today's News: Many Dead in Indonesian Earthquake

6th December - Today's News: Snow Causes Slo-mo Montreal Pile-up

5th December - Today's News: Two Dead in Spanish Flash Floods

3rd December - Today's News: Tennessee Wildfire Toll Rises to 13

2nd December - Today's News: How CO2 Induced Global Warming Created Martian Canyons

1st December - Today's News: Toll Rises in US Storms & Wildfire