24th December - Today's News: Storm Barbara Impacts Northern Britain

In Wales a school roof has been ripped off during Storm Barbara - actually, it was just caused by a squally cold font: "Barbara" was to the north of Scotland and only directed affected northern parts of the UK.  In Northern Ireland hundreds lefts without power as Storm Barbara hits and there was some disruption as Storm Barbara starts moving across Scotland.  The Christmas Day storm - now named Conor - will affect even less people.   Nothing like the storms we had this time last year!

We could, however, have a record mild Christmas Day ..... though this does not mean the Daily Express were right when they forecast this just hours before predicting a "snow wall" ....  It's complete coincidence!  Signs of a settled, cooler, spell after Christmas and just maybe somethng wintry in the early new year.

It looks like WA likely to avoid Christmas cyclone but nonetheless, on the Pilbara coast,  Broome swamped in wettest December on record 

And an Arctic heatwave could break records this Christmas.   Santa will need his sun lotion and shorts .....


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