21st December - Today's News: Desert Snow

Merry Solstice one and all.  Ring out those bells and let the 12 days of Christmas begin!
Algerian villagers stunned as snow falls in the Sahara for the first time in 37 years and we can also watch how Saudis are celebrating the snow.   In contrast, there's not even any snow on the highest Scottish hills as freak heatwave causes meltdown on Inverness mountain.  There should at least be some snow up there over the next week though.  But nothing on the horizon for Evesham. 

‘Industrial snow’ gives Swiss village very own white Christmas - something we have had before in Evesham - caused, bizarrely, by trains in the station! - but not for 2 weeks.  And interesting to note that White Christmas to remain a dream in Switzerland as well.


So that's how "chemtrails" form ... scientists bear witness to birth of an ice cloud



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