19th December - Today's News: Severe Floods Hit Fiji

Fiji floods: Days of torrential rain causes severe flooding and landslides, with more rain forecast

Bitter cold weather breaks records in Midwest, Plains - nothing like that heading this way, but we could be in for a very stormy Christmas if current model output verifies .....Storm Barbara set to bring rain, 70mph gales and even a little snow for December 25 (snow showers only in the north, though blizzards are possible in the Highlands)

A dangerous storm hits southeast Queensland

Man swept to his death in violent flood as Spain battles fierce storms

Water bodies freeze in Kashmir as cold weather persists in North India

Jacob Zuma speech: Tent blows away in the middle of a speech by the SA President

Farmers in Sudan battle climate change and hunger as desert creeps closer

Papua New Guinea earthquake: Residents flee to hills after magnitude-7.9 quake, tsunami threat passes

And Beijing factories ordered to shut or cut output after pollution red alert


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