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27th February - Today's News: Record Cold and Snow in Europe

A few small flurries yesterday and already today in Evesham, but just the barest of dustings on the ground.  More expected over the coming days - though whether we see a big covering or not remains to be seen.    Certainly not yet a case that heavy snow causes UK-wide disruption - but it has caused problems in a few places.   And similar problems in Europe with traffic chaos as icy blast hits Sweden and slippery roads and rail disruptions in Hamburg whilst snow, low temperatures in Bulgaria disrupt traffic, close schools in some districts .  In Switzerland the ‘Beast from the East’ brings record low temperatures , and more pictures as Rome enjoys its first snowfall in six years, as priests and tourists wage snowball war .

26th February - Today's News: Five Dead in US Tornado Outbreak

Tornadoes destroy homes in Tennessee, Kentucky as wild storms hit central US In Australia, Canberra hit by heavy rain, flash flooding inundates homes whilst an 'unusual' thunderstorm hits Perth's south, tearing off roofs, flooding homes Record snow fall hits Japan's north Scientists flock to Twitter highlighting ‘weird’ and ‘wacky’ weather event in the Arctic - with northern Greenland experiencing temperatures abive freezing .... Spectacular light pillars illuminate St. Petersburg skies Powerful earthquake hits Papua New Guinea Today in England, trains cancelled as snow arrives in UK and temperatures plummet - although it doesn't now look like being that cold this week and there are doubts as to how much snow we may get on Friday before it turns milder again.   Meanwhile rare snowfall blankets Rome, closing schools and in Germany the coldest night of year has Germans shivering, from Hamburg to Bavaria

23rd February - Today's News: Britain Prepares for Cold Weather

Winter is coming ...... Down to -4.6c in myh garden this morning which is the lowest this year, and the lowest February figure since 2012.   Hoping to beat that nicely next week, when we could even see some ice days.  And, just maybe, some snow.   For once the media aren't over-hyping when they say that the Met Office warns of disruptive snow as Siberian freeze hits UK - and it really is coming from Siberia! Meanwhile, Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides At least 3 dead as heavy rain, floods swamp central U.S. And in Queensland there were six rescues on Sunshine, Fraser Coasts as torrential rain floods state's south-east

22nd February - Today's News: Time for a Category 6 Cyclone?

Scientists at a conference in NZ suggest that stronger storms mean new 'category six' scale may be needed Terrifying footage shows the full force of Cyclone Gita as raging river of mud tears trees from the ground In the US, e xtreme warmth shatters records in East, but cooler days are coming as Washington surges to 82 degrees, its warmest temperature ever recorded so early in the year and Central Park heat breaks 88-year record as temperatures soar into 70s .  Meanwhile,  rescue crews used boats to help residents amid midwest flooding whilst in the Rockies Denver drops 72 degrees in 40 hours, lands in all-time top temp swings And a genetic study shows that Ancient Britons 'replaced' by newcomers

21st February - Today's News: NZ's "River of Rock"

Former cyclone Gita crosses New Zealand, leaving destruction in its wake whilst video shows how Canterbury's aptly named Terrible Gully turned to river of rock by ex-Cyclone Gita Meanwhile cyclone season takes toll on northern WA as yet another tropical low looms whilst it's been suggested that Cyclone Kelvin may have been fuelled by 'brown oceans' as it moved over inland WA Arctic sea ice at record low January levels Research by Newcastle University suggests that Europe's cities face more extreme weather than previously thought as a result of rising global temperatures and climate change Like the flap of a butterfly's wings, distant tropical storms have ripple effects on weather close to home And another of those "forgotten" (not by me!) causes of anthropogenic climate change: How land use change has warmed Earth's surface

20th February - Today's News: Ex-Cyclone Gita Hits NZ

Ex-Cyclone Gita hits NZ ...... State of emergency declared in Nelson Tasman District whilst several Christchurch residents evacuate as Heathcote River threatens to overflow Dust storm takes outback Queensland town by surprise, damages homes Saturday's earthquake felt across much of England and Wales was the first day-time one I have experienced.  Didn't last long mind, and no-one else in the shop at the time even noticed it .... Driving through flood water 'risks lives' - it's staggering the number of people who have to be rescued each year Mount Sinabung: Airlines issue 'red notice' as Indonesian volcano erupts on island of Sumatra Mozambique rubbish dump collapse kills 17 after heavy rains Why Ugandans are feeling the heatwave On Campbell Island, in the Southern Ocean, the 'loneliest tree' records human epoch Hubble sees Neptune's mysterious shrinking storm And the world's ocean plastic ti

17th February - Today's News: Flash Floods in Rio, Cyprus and Baghdad

Clean-up begins after major flooding hits Rio Torrential rain causes floods in Limassol And in the Middle East, there's been flash-flooding in Baghdad, basking in the sun in Riyadh   Cyclone threat downgraded for northern WA but record rain swamps Broome  but across the Tasman Sea, Cyclone Gita will be 'a significant storm' when it reaches NZ - MetService Mexico earthquake: Strong tremor hits Oaxaca state Soft tissue fossil clues could help search for ancient life on Earth and other planets Apaprently humans will actually react pretty well to news of alien life - and why wouldn't they? And is winter coming to England?   The Met Office issue a press release warning cold conditions likely with risk of snow for the end of February into March, thanks to a recent sudden stratospheric warming events

16th February - Today's News: Cyclone Warnings for Australia and NZ

In Tonga, early cyclone warnings helped people escape death and injuries and as the storm now heads south, there's a warning to prepare for heavy rain, gales and storm surges when Gita reaches NZ  Meanwhile in Australia, Cyclone Kelvin blue alert issued as apocalyptic clouds bring heavy rainfall to Broome Queensland breaks weather records during week-long heatwave And wintry weather continues to affect Scotland where at Stronelairg, stranded wind farm workers airlifted to safety and lightning zaps historic Skye ruin

14th February - Today's News: Queenslanders Swelter Through record Heatwave

Queenslanders endure record heatwave .  Meanwhile, wild winds whip up dust, bring down trees in Melbourne and in WA, Perth weather hits record number of cool summer days but a scorcher is coming whilst  Cyclone Kelvin, potentially the strongest cyclone of the season, set to hit WA's Kimberley region Cyclone Gita batters southern Fiji, upgraded to category five, heading for Vanuatu, New Caledonia Cape Town drought declared a 'national disaster' whilst joy over rain marred as 9 drown in Western Cape floods Polar vortex defies climate change in the Southeast U.S. making the region experience colder winters And a programmer has created a mesmerising wind map of the world

13th February - Today's News: Cat 4 Cyclone Gita Devastates Tonga, Heads for Fiji

Cyclone Gita: Tonga's Parliament flattened as category four storm lashes country but straight away, Aussia and NZ aid arrives in Tonga as the storm builds on it's way to Fiji   Four dead as storm hits southern Philippines 5 die as heavy snowfall hits Sea of Japan coast Already, this winter's Scottish avalanche figure surpasses last season's - but only because last year had so little snow .... Weekend storm in Iceland leaves tourists stranded UK team set for giant Antarctic iceberg expedition  

12th February - Today's News: Cyclone Gita Threatens Tonga

Cyclone Gita: Tonga declares state of emergency as storm strengthens Brisbane storms: More wild, hot weather expected to hit south-east Queensland Outback fire almost twice the size of Singapore rips through remote SA and NT Two dead as winter snowstorm sweeps across U.S. Midwest Drought-hit Cape Town rejoices at rainfall And 'Oumuamua: 'space cigar's' tumble hints at violent past

10th February - Today's News: Thousands Flee Argentine Floods

More than 10,000 flee floods in northern Argentina and video of the terrifying moment man escapes certain death by just  inches as the ground he is walking on falls away amid massive flooding in Argentina New radar system to give UK homeowners better warnings of devastating floods 'It's complicated': Skiing and Scottish weather A swathe of France gets new blanket of snow as big chill continues Mysterious glow lights up Spain’s highest mountain whilst more pictures show how snow and ice turns Spain into winter wonderland In the US, more than 1,500 flights canceled as snowstorm slams Midwest A 'tornado drought' is growing in the US - why? Samoa assesses damage as Cyclone Gita, now a category 2, strengthens Taiwan earthquake: Hopes fade of finding more survivors after deadly magnitude-6.4 quake   And a one-two punch may have helped deck the dinosaurs

7th February - Today's News: Deadly Taiwan Earthquake Topples Hotel

Currently believed to be four dead, more than 170 missing as damaging Taiwan earthquake topples hotel  There's travel chaos in France as snow blankets Paris - and we even had a light flurry or two of snow in Evesham yesterday ....  Meawhile in frozen Sweden: Temperatures dip below zero everywhere And in Japan, 1,400 cars remain stranded after heavy snow Yesterday, Meteogroup officially took over the BBC weather forecasts, online and on TV.  And for a change, most people seem to be happy!   BBC Weather redesign - viewers hail 'Scotland's return'  whilst Phil Evans in Exeter explains about the BBC and Met Office: an enduring partnership .  Sea floor uplift after last ice age causes methane release in the Arctic today A new study show that there was no volcanic winter in East Africa from ancient Toba eruption  - although ice cores do nontheless still indicate a drastic drop in temps there in the immediate aftermath.  Did surface life evolve

5th February - Today's News: Winter Storm Brings Record Snowfall to Moscow

Heaviest snowfall on record blankets Moscow with pictures from RT as huge winter storm, freezing rain wreaks havoc in Moscow   meanwhile here in Britain a dusting of snow on M20 sparks multiple crashes between junctions 8 and 9 And China’s blizzard exposes flaws in rail, coal policies Breaking down NZ's hottest cities during our most sweltering month on record In Australia, woman rescued from floodwaters as wet weather continues across the Top End And severe flooding as deadly storms hit Bolivia and Argentina

2nd February - Today's News: Bridge Collapses, Tourists Stranded in Wake of NZ Cyclone

In NZ, West Coast storm 'like a fire hose' tore down coastline, tossing rubbish buried 20 years whilst helicopters provide a bird's-eye view of the storm-ravaged West Coast , a Southland bridge collapses and some tourists rescued after night in cold near Fox Glacier, others still stranded in Haast as slips close West Coast highways Paris floods: Teenagers make the best of bad weather to wakeboard through the streets Venice's famous canals dry up due to low tides caused by the 'super blue blood moon' and lack of rain NASA's Curiosity rover reveals a stunning panorama of the Martian landscape, looking strangely familiar to earthling eyes - well, they probably filmed it in Nevada! And another twist in the "Clovis Comet" controversy as it's now claimed that toward end of Ice Age, human beings witnessed fires larger than dinosaur killers with up to 10% of the Earth's land surface ignited (bearing in mind quite a l

1st February - Today's News: Ex-Cyclone Fehi Batters NZ

Storm Fehi brings destructive rain, winds to NZ with many rivers rising rapidly as Southland finally gets rain and see what happened when the storm hit Granity, the West Coast town being eaten alive Winter blizzard snarls road traffic, delays planes, trains and buses - in Finland .... It was one of the warmest on record, but after an unusually warm January, winter chill on the way for Italy 'Super blue blood Moon' seen around the world Temperature reconstructions based on pollen show most of last 11,000 years cooler than past decade in North America, Europe Meanwhile, t he latest Met Office f ive-year forecast indicates further warming A look at 'Chemtrail' conspiracy theorists: The people who think governments control the weather. Otherwise known as gullible fools .... And the MetO launch #3wordweather - to see how colloquialisms for weather vary around the country